To be a little bit more precise: this name is derived from Georgian ბედი (bedi) meaning "fate" (combined with either a diminutive suffix or a suffix meant to indicate the gender of the name). Also compare Georgian ბედისწერა (bedists'era), which also means "fate".

This can easily be checked in dictionaries or on-line sources such as Wiktionary: (bedi) (bedists'era). [noted -ed]
I suppose the information was not yet available when I wrote the above comment (which was 7 years ago!), but -is(a) is actually the ending from the genitive case. In other words: this name is actually derived from Georgian ბედის (bedis) meaning "of fate". [noted -ed]

- see the declension table for ბედი (bedi): (in English)

I guess you could say that the name is intended to mean "a child of fate", perhaps in the sense of a child that was initially not expected by its parents but ultimately destined to be born.

For more information, please see:

- (in Russian)
- (in Georgian)
- see the entry for Bedisa: (in Georgian; the entry's own page unfortunately was not archived)
- see the entry for Bedisa: (in Georgian; this website copied the complete entry of the prior link)
- Bedisa meaning "it's fate": (in English; the author of this list speaks English as a second language and I think they actually meant to say "its' fate", as in: the fate of the child)
Never encountered this name before, but believe it should be written as ბედისა in Georgian.
Pronounced be-DEE-sah.
I love the meaning of this name!

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