Bear, Bea/Bee/Bebe, Bess, Bessie, Bennie, Bunny, Ren, Reni, Niecy/Neecy and Nicky are potential nicknames.
I dislike the pronunciations. I'd rather pronounce it as BER-ə-nees.
My middle name is Berenice, I personally love it, most of my family calls me this. The only annoying thing is people are always asking how it is spelled or pronounced. I can tell that people are close to me if they correctly call me by my middle name.
I love Berenice. It's very classic and tough.
Berenice sounds terribly dated to me and it's not too attractive either. I prefer Veronica.
Also of FRENCH usage -- as SEEN on the charts.
Also Aragonese: --- Berenice I d'Echipto
Leave the English pronunciation at bər-NEES.
The pronunciations are KILLING ME!
I gave this name to my daughter in 2011. In our country this is very rare name, I must spell it every time. But we love 'Berenike' so much that is not a problem for us.
In 2018, 15 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Berenice who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 607th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I like Berenice as well as the diminutive form Verena, as a full name. I would use it, if it had a more common middle name like Rose or Elisabeth afterwards, considering Berenice is not so common.
The name Berenice was given to 58 girls born in the US in 2015.
I associate it with the Edgar Allen Poe story more than anything else, but since I'm a Poe fan, this isn't a bad thing. I prefer to pronounce it BER-eh-nees.
Berenice (Ber-e-NIE-see) is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. It is gruesome and excellent, one of Poe's best in my opinion.
Bérénice is also used in French. [noted -ed]
Berenice Marlohe is a French actress, known for playing Severine in the James Bond film 'Skyfall'.
It looks like "berry nice". It's not berry nice.
The name Berenice was given to 129 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Argentine-French actress Berenice Bejo, recently nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Artist.
Berenice Abbott was an American photographer. She lived from 1898-1991. She is best known for her black-and-white photos of New York City architecture.
Opera by Handel where the setting is ancient Spain at the time of the Roman invasions contains the exquisite 'Minuet from Berenice'.
Pronounced beh-reh-nees in French.
I know of someone who pronounces this name "bur-NEES" (as if it was "Bernice"). In my frank opinion, coupling that pronunciation with the spelling "Berenice" gives the name a certain elegance; it just rolls off one's tongue that way. Pronounce it "ber-e-NIE-see" or "be-re-NEE-che"? No offence, but I'm afraid that doesn't hold with me.
Berenice was the name (or the English form) of Cleopatra VII's older sister.
According to an ancient myth, Berenice was a beautiful wife of an Egyptian king, who went to a war leaving his wife home grief-stricken and worry-sick. Berenice promised to cut off her gorgeous hair as a tribute to the gods if they let her husband come home unharmed, and when the king eventually returned alive, she kept her promise and sacrifised her hair to the gods, placing the cut hair into an empty temple. Shortly after that the king, longing to see his wife's beautiful hair again, visited the temple only to find no sight of Berenice's hair. It appeared that the gods had enjoyed their gift so much that they had placed Berenice's hair in the sky, where it shimmered every night as a constellation. That's why there still is a constellation called Berenice's hair.

'Berenice' is also the title of a horror short story by Edgar Allan Poe, which features, quite obviously, a character who bears this name.

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