I have a character with this name. She's one of my favorites.
My name is Bernardine and I'm no girl.
I'm proving to my brother that I am the only one with that name in the whole world.
Bernardine is also used in the Netherlands; though it is rather old-fashioned these days, one is still likely to find it in the country's top 1000 of all ages.

There are two possible ways to pronounce this name in The Netherlands. The first possibility is: ber-nahr-DEE-nə.

The second possibility is: ber-nahr-DEEN.
Bernardine Dohrn was a leader of the Weather Underground (a 1960's American terrorist group).
I hate it when people shove an -ine to a masculine name and turn it feminine that way. The ending sounds too country and old-fashioned anyway.

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