Atrocious variant of Brittany! I already hate Brittany, but this?! I have one message to convey: USE. BRITTANY. PLEASE.
I already dislike Brittany due to the unattractive sound and its "snobby cheerleader" association, but this spelling is even worse. It looks very juvenile, plus the I ending makes it look stripper-ish.
Why must people always change the spelling of a popular name? Isn't it fine how it is? Also, if you change Brittany to Brittani because you want your kid to be unique and not share their name with five other kids in the class, maybe you should just give them a unique name.
This spelling looks way too immature. What's wrong with the Brittany and Brittney spellings?
Brittani Kline won cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model.
Brittani Louise Taylor (aka BLT) is a minor Youtube celebrity.
This name is very youthful, and pretty, although the spelling of Brittany might be just a bit nicer. Brittani, however, is much better than Britney, Brittney, or Brittni, etc.
This is my name. I've never liked the name [and still don't] but I like this spelling the best.
My name is Brittani and I have never met another person with the same spelling. Many people spell it wrong and I have to correct them though.
This spelling looks ugly and won't look very professional.
Ugh, I hate this spelling of the name. Brittany looks so much better, and this spelling reminds me of cookies, though I'm not sure why.
I personally like this better than any other variations of the name. I think it is the most feminine and beautiful. :)
My name comes from a soap opera.
The meaning of the name is strong and powerful.

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