"Mommy, I don't want to go to bed! The Byelobog will get me!" This is actually the name of my childhood monster. He lived in the swamp in my neighbourhood. He was a mud monster and in the middle of the night would try to cover me with mud. If he got mud on me though, I would become him. He was also once a child who got mud on him from the previous Byelobog.
Looks really cool, no kidding!
"This was the name of the Slavic god of the sun, happiness and fortune." Who wouldn't want a son with this name, given that this is the meaning? I think it's wonderful.
No offense to any bearer of the name, but this sounds like the name of a bog monster. BYELOBOG: THE SWAMP THING!
Nobody bears this name.
Interesting you say a swamp monster-type monster would have this, considering the meaning haha.

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