I’m a Cale Henituse fan so I like this name. I like it added with nim too. Like, Cale-nim just sounds too good.
Don't like it very much. Also reminds me of kale.
A vegetable.
I personally do not like this name. It reminds me of the vegetable.
Calé is an endonym used by Romani subgroups in Spain and Portugal.

Cale is also a common name for fish in the family Odacidae (another common name being 'weed whitings'). They are related to the much larger families of the wrasses and parrotfish and are found in coastal waters off Southern Australia and New Zealand.
Cale or Kale (from Greek Καλη, meaning "Beauty") aka Kalleis or Calleis (from Greek: Καλλεις) aka Charis aka Aglaea is a daughter of Zeus and one of the Charites (Graces) in ancient Greek religion. She is usually the eldest of the three Charites and is sometimes the spouse of Hephaestus. Teiresias declared her more beautiful than even Aphrodite, and as a reward Cale gave him a beautiful head of hair.
The name Cale was given to 140 boys born in the US in 2015.
I only like this as a nickname to a name such as Caleb. I would never use Cale on its own (but then again I would never name my child Caleb since that's my brother-in-law's name and I wouldn't be able to use it. Just doesn't seem right. If not for him, I would definitely consider using Caleb "Cale" for a son (:
I've read that Cale means "sweetheart." I think it's a nice name.
I love this as a nickname for caleb (:

Cal: better nickname for calvin.
All that I am able to see is a child with a giant, green, leafy head of hair, due to the fact that Kale (also known as 'borecole') is a type of cabbage (which tastes revolting.)

While it is not the most professional name available, I can calm myself knowing that it is not another "Bradyn," "Aiden," or "Jayden." Would I endorse the use? Absolutely not-- I find it terribly juvenile, as well as unattractive to both the eye and ear.
Not always the shortened form of Caleb. It's 10000 times better than Caleb. Stop being dumb and realize that it's the best name ever.
Especially as a nickname for Caleb, I think this makes you sound like a sea plant.
I like this name, and not as a nickname. However, I'm not sure if I prefer "Cale" or "Kale" quite yet.
What really bothers me about this name is the fact that I can't tell wether it's supposed to be a boy or a girl name.
Totally boring. Far too plain and minimalist, and I don't really like the sound of the 'L' in this one.
John Cale was a member of the New York band The Velvet Underground.
Cale Yarborough, Born: Mar. 27, 1940
Auto racer, 3-time NASCAR national champion (1976-78); 4-time winner of Daytona 500 (1968, 77, 83-84); ranks 5th on NASCAR all-time list with 83 wins.
Famous bearer: Matt Damon's character in the film "Titan AE" is named Cale.
Cale Crane was the name of the character played by Dakota Fanning in Dreamer.

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