The IPA pronunciation is /kə.riːn/.
It's an excellent name. Our youngest daughter is named Leonora after my great grandmother Lenore and my husband's biological grandfather named Leo. We could not agree on a middle name until I was rereading Gone with the Wind and read the passage where they introduced Carreen O'Hara as "written in the family Bible as Caroline Irene but always called Carreen". I had 2 more great grandmothers named Karoline and Irene. It was a perfect fit.

So, it does have it's place in naming a girl. I've only ever asked where I got it and what it means. :)

It is a mouthful to say with our last name though, holy moly.
And then the stray mine cart Carreened out of control, hit the wall, and smashed into a thousand splinters! Um, no, my child's probably not going to have this name.
A famous bearer was Carreen O'Hara, one of Scarlett O'Hara's sisters in Gone With The Wind.
In Gone With The Wind, Careen's name is from a contraction of Caroline Irene.

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