Usage: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Finnish, English (Modern, Rare)Pronounced: kris-TUWF-feh (Swedish), krehs-DO-fu (Danish), kris-TAW-fu (German), KREE-stof-fehr (Finnish), KRIS-tə-fər (English)Form of Christopher used in several languages.
Has the same pronunciation as the original Christopher, KRIS-tə-fər.
Creative spelling variant of CHRISTOPHER, despite being its Scandinavian form. Some people might get away with pronouncing it as KRIS-tə-fər.
Christoffer is not only frequently used as a name in Scandinavia, but also in Germany and the Netherlands.
King Christoffer III af Bavaria (1416-1448). He was son of Johann I of Pfalz-Neumarkt-Neunburg and Catharina (Sister of Danish King Erik VII) and hence grandson of Nordic Queen Margrete I. He was
king of Denmark 1440-1448
king of Sweden 1441-1448
king of Norway 1442-1448
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