I do still love the name, but here in America it is clearly unusable due to very obvious reasons.
I love it! Very flowery and well-meaning.
It sounds very pleasant and would make a lovely name were it not for the massacre.
Since I'm not from the USA this name would be usable here, though it would be too rare for me to consider it for a child.
I can only think of the school shooting that happened.
Beautiful name and a beautiful flower! Unique but classic!
A lovely flower, but unfortunately unusable due to the school shooting. I'd love to be able to use it.
This name sounds nice, but it has the horrible association with the 1999 school shooting. Colombina (which is prettier) might be a safer choice.
This is a beautiful name, but the most I could ever use it is as a middle name, since as a first name it has, as other users pointed out, too many negative connotations (especially in America). It would make a great name for a character, though--especially if the story is historical.
In legend, Columbine was the name of Harlequin's lover, the daughter of old Pantaloon. I personally like the name.
All I can think about is school shootings but this might actually make a cool name for an evil character in a book or movie.
All I can thing about is the school shooting in 1999.
This is a really nice name. But the connotations to it are too strong to ever actually use it.
It wouldn't be such a bad name, if I didn't immediately associate it with the Columbine High School massacre of 1999.
This reminds me of the Columbines, I believe that they are crypts underneath Paris, not all too sure though.
It's the Catacombs that are under Paris, not Columbines. I never would have thought of this as a name.
I agree that this name is quite pretty, as well as being Colorado's state flower.
Columbine is a really pretty name.
Columbine School; this was where a shooting took place in 1999.

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