Delano's are rude and mean and have no style.
Another weird English name that happens to sound like more of a Latin one. Curse that o at the end.
I know a guy with this name at my school. He is named Delano (duh-LAH-noh) and he is a really cool guy. Dresses very fashion forward but with the other pronunciation (DEHL-uh-noh) I think of FDR.
1: Delano is of Irish Gaelic origin and it is predominantly used in the English language. The name means 'dark'. The name has sometimes been bestowed upon a child with a dark complexion.

Variations of Delano include Del (English), Delanio, Delann (English), Delayno, and Dellano.

2: Delano's origin is Old French. It is derived from the word 'de la nuit' meaning of the night. The name has sometimes been given to a child born during the night.
I've personally born the name Delano for 41 years now, I love it.
The name Delano was given to 49 boys born in the US in 2015.
I'm surprised this name isn't used more; it's quite a nice name, despite being a bit surname-y. It's more of a soft masculine name than a hard masculine name, and it makes me picture a guy with a rather dark aesthetic. I like it.

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