It's PRONOUNCED /də.ˈlis/ (də-LEES) or /ˈdɛl.ɪs/ (DEHL-is).
Better than Delicia but still bad.
Delice-ious! Lol.
My name is Delece. I am really quite shocked to see comments that it sounds trashy & like a stripper name! I'm not offended but found it fascinating because I've only ever heard how pretty it is!
I've always had plenty of attention because of my name & it's always a talking point for sure. Some people call me Del or Dee. Delice is a variant of Delicia, hence I believe the name is originally Latin & in later times worked it's way into a translation of French. French descended primarily from Vulgar Latin that evolved out of the Gallo-Romance dialects spoken in northern France.
My surname is Lithuanian, so my full name is very unique & can be a pain when trying to spell it over the phone or when meeting new people (my middle name is Lynda so I do have some kind of normality there). Delece is also my auntie's middle name.
Overall, I very much like my name & almost everyone I know/meet go on about how unusual & beautiful it is. My only complaint is sometimes my name is autocorrected to Delete via email or text which is kind of embarrassing!
The name of a young slave girl who is raised from the dead to avenge her own murder in the story "Delice" by Holly Newstein. A very good story, and a rather pretty name.
This name sounds trashy, gross, and totally stripper.
Even though bananaramas comment was written in 2009, still I agree this name sounds tacky, strippper-ish and just bleh!
I disagree with Curious me - I think this is a wonderful name. Not tacky or stripper-ish at all.
It is French for Delightful.
That is interesting, I always thought my name was French!

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