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Avoid this name for obvious reasons...
someone-  10/6/2019
Here we go again with inappropriate names. This is just No. The fact that this was popular back then makes me want to scream. I hate this so much.
Whippppppppp  8/21/2019
Cool name, ruined by the internet. Name your kid Dick if you really wanna be kinky. Also, how do you get Dick from Richard?
PickleJuice  8/18/2019
I'm not gonna get too into why you shouldn't name your child this.
According to there is 1 person named Dick Head, pray for that poor man.
― Anonymous User  5/3/2019
I would never use Dick as a nickname for Richard, unless I’m being a jerk, let alone Dick as a legal first name. I used to think it was a cute name, but since I’ve seen it used as a slang for penis many times, it’s became more and more vulgar. I have sorrow for anyone with Dick as their legal first name. Rick and Ricky are the best nicknames for Richard, not Dick!
― Anonymous User  1/6/2019
Keep in mind that only old Richards go by this nickname. Young Richards never do or would.
minion947  12/10/2018
C'mon, give your kid some dignity. Naming them Richard is fine, but if you wanna give them a nickname, call them Rich or Richie or Rick. If they wanna call themselves Dick later in life, that's fine, but don't name them Dick during childhood! They'll be mocked relentlessly!
Ruckert2001  11/9/2018
I've never understood why someone would opt for Dick as a nickname for Richard when they could have easily gone with Rich or Rick. I've known 3 men that went by Dick and one that went by Rick and none that chose Rich/Richie.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2018
Yeah, I would avoid this name.
kayisforkeen  8/19/2018
Disgusting name, good for Dick Durbin.
Prime Meridian  4/19/2018
Dick is still a stupid nickname, even without the rude meaning.
Hushpuppy  1/9/2018
I would use it if it didn't have a bad meaning.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2017
I'm sorry for anyone named Richard teased with this name.
BehindAName9  10/11/2017
"Dick" obviously has multiple negative and vulgar meanings in current slang, like it or not. If you are seriously thinking about choosing this name, I strongly recommend starting with "Richard". There are plenty of other nicknames and pet forms of "Richard" to choose from that are well-known and respectable (as they don't have the vulgar connotations), such as "Richie," "Rick," and "Ricky". Even "Rich" would be better received than "Dick," though there will be jokes about "rich" meaning "affluent".
Winstoniopolis  12/20/2016
Your child will be humiliated if you give them this name.
Luvbug86  11/2/2016
A famous bearer is Dick Tracy. I like gangster movies and I love fedoras: I collect them.
Jake Fax  7/17/2016
I quite like the name Dick. I know a few people laugh at the name but I can take it seriously thanks to Dick Van Dyke. Although it has vibes of Mr. Cheney and he was a Dick in name and nature.
Mr.Cheese  7/12/2016
The juvenile perversion of this fine name is one of many indications of the moral and cultural decay of this nation. One of my uncles is named Dick.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2016
If his name is Richard call him:

Please, anything but Dick!
Eileen1209864  6/22/2016
All those dirty minded people need to stop. We are all mature, kind people that will not make fun of people because of their names. We will stand up for them when they are put down. We will-pffffft... sorry, I can't, this is the worst name I have ever heard in my entire life. Whoever made up this nickname are horrible people who mustn't really care a whole lot about their child, if you ask me...
Blaxworth  6/17/2016
There'd be nothing wrong with it if it wasn't a slang term for "penis." Shame, as I used to be able to associate this name with characters like Dick Grayson, the original Robin from the Batman franchise.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
I just want to know how you get 'Dick' from 'Richard'. Where does the 'D' come from? This has never made sense to me.

Yeah, this is a terrible name, just because of the connotations. Of course, even without the connotations, it still sounds kind of stupid.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2015
It's a shame Dick is ruined because of the connotation as it really doesn't sound bad.
― Anonymous User  10/23/2015
DICK GRAYSON, YAY! Whenever I think of the name Dick, I think of the happy optimist Dick Grayson. I like the name, and I don't see why some people are negative about it.
Milkweeddragon  7/18/2015
Too bad. This name was cool before it became a vulgar slang.
― Anonymous User  6/28/2015
Dick does not mean penis as someone said, it is slang. Just wanted to clear that up... penis is the right word.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2015
Used to be a great nickname but not really anymore, I would prefer Rick or Rich.
― Anonymous User  4/10/2015
I hate that it's a penis! I just love the sound of the name!
fugfacedmermaid  12/27/2014
Dick Roman is a character on the television series "Supernatural."
hkols  11/1/2014
I have zero respect for this name.
Dick is slang for penis and also the phrase, "Don't be a Dick." Which means, "Don't be a jerk"

I think it's safe to say that not too many people would want to get stuck with this name. Not even older people.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2014
Dick Whittington is an English folk tale. The title character is a poor boy who moves in with a rich merchant. He buys a cat to help get rid of the rats in his room.
Buneary  9/14/2013
The folktale Dick Whittington mentioned above was based on a real person - Sir Richard Whittington (c. 1354–1423) was a medieval merchant who was four times Lord Mayor of London.
So common was Dick in England at one time that the phrase "Tom, Dick and Harry" denotes "every man".
Personally, I love the name Richard - strong, handsome, traditional. Rick or Rich would be the nick names for any son of mine, though.
Just Jonquil  5/24/2016
The name Dick has been ruined like the name Gay in this century. Modern day fools seem to be cruel enough to pick nice long-time-ago names and words and turn it into rude words.
MeinNameIstMelissa  6/15/2013
Dick is my given name, not Richard. I was named for my mother's family, whose surname is Dick. I don't care what your motivation for choosing this name for your child is, DON'T DO IT! PLEASE! Unless of course you hate your child. I was born in 1961, and according to my mother, the name at that time was not, at least very often, associated with the male reproductive organ. However, by the time I was in second grade it was and from that time on I have lost many friends and been in many altercations as a result. Has it made me tougher, as in the song "Boy named Sue"? No, just angry and alone. I've changed my name since high school, which broke my mother's heart. It also, separated me from my identity as a child, which in many ways broke my own heart. But it had to be done, constant berating and ostracizing from people took too big a toll. To parents-to-be who ask, "What's in a name?", I say, EVERYTHING--for your child's entire life and perhaps beyond.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2012
Richard "Dick" Bultitude is a character in the 1882 novel Vice Versa.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2011
I don't think this is necessarily a bad name, but if you live in an English speaking country this name isn't a great idea.
guardgirl15  4/4/2011
Thank you to the users Myth Writer Dreamer, Wilted, Cyneburga, and welovejamesarness for being mature and keeping an open mind about this name. I'm not trying to point out anyone's faults or anything, but I was getting tired of the jokes.
ClassicalNames  3/15/2011
Now, I know a lot of people seem to hate this name. But, it’s a very respectable name. You all are being narrow-minded. (no offense intended) Just, forget about the dumb teenage slang. Now, what do you get?

I get a very respectable name, with a very successful man.

Now, I’m not say that I would name my son this. The chances of teasing is just too high.

But, seriously people, you’re being too narrow minded about this name. Just loosen up a tad bit.
Myth Writer Dreamer  12/11/2010
My grandpa goes by Rich, my great uncle goes by Rick, and my cousin goes by either Ricky (what the family calls him) or Rick. Only Papi used the nickname Dick. Granted, he was born in the early 1920s (possibly before that), but to my knowledge he was never teased for his name. I don't think men of his generation were. To this day, I haven't met a "Dick" under 60 years old.
I would very much like to use the name Richard in the future, if I ever have a son. However... Dick is not a nickname I would ever use, no matter how much I loved and respected my Papi. I'd most likely call him Ricky.
erb816  8/11/2010
My last name is Dick so I know what it feels like to grow up with the name. Parents please don't name your kids that. It's tough.
Foreverandayear8  6/26/2010
Dick Gumshoe is a recurring character in the Ace Attorney video game series for the DS.
missmarlenesinclair  5/7/2010
Please, just don't. The additional meaning is a magnet for insults.
Black_X  5/6/2010
I don't like Dick. Not because of the jokes, but because it's too short, nickname-like and because it simply sounds ugly. Like Rick and even Mick.
Good about this name is that it fits an older male better than Rick.
― Anonymous User  4/16/2010
A favorite gag of students filling out cards for class seating charts used to be (and perhaps still is) to make out an extra one with the name "Dick Hertz." When the unsuspecting teacher did not get a response to the name, s/he would be likely to ask, "Who's Dick Hertz?"
Kosta  10/7/2009
Wrong, just wrong!
nicole_10107  9/23/2009
Alright, I'm honestly afraid of being gored by hungry pangolins (or worse, commenters), but Dick has really grown on me! It might have to do something with Batman, because while it's nowhere near my favorites, I'm becoming fond of it. I know, I know- you all can laugh. I'd never inflict this on someone, but it's a decent name in my eyes.
Wilted  9/21/2009
No. Just no. DO NOT name your child this!
-Julia-  7/26/2009
Growing up in the 50s and 60s, I thought Dick was a perfectly acceptable nickname for Richard. I didn't understand the origin, but later read that it follows a "rhyming" pattern "Will/Bill" "Meg/Peg" etc. This website suggests that it had something to do with the Norman French pronunciation, which seems possible.

I only heard the slang term in my mid- to late teens. I interpreted it as a variation of "dink" (which was common slang in my region to refer to male genitalia). However, given other "name" terminology for body parts, it does seem likely that Dick's relative popularity contributed to its slang use for male genitalia.

I know of one aging Richard who has switched from Dick to Rich/Rick (yes, he can't seem to make up his mind). Some time ago, I also knew an American born Richard whose German born wife HATED the nickname, but not for the reasons you might think. "Dick" means "fat" auf deutsch, and this Richard was a little on the heavy side. She refused to use his nickname for that reason. I'm not sure if she was ever even aware of the slang American association.
gbcallahan  7/9/2009
I don't think the vulgar association will be gotten rid of for a long time. I feel bad for anyone with Dick as a legal name, which is far worse than having Dick as a nickname.
bananarama  8/16/2008
My mom who's 82 years old told me that the name Dick became used as another name for a male organ because there were so many men named Dick when the whole slang term started. I think it's a nice name, but unfortunately it's taken on this connotation. Why give your child a name that will brand him with painful experiences? I must say, my mom's male friend is named Dick and I had a difficult time calling him by his name. It was just uncomfortable. Also, this name can create embarrassing situations. Both my mom and my aunt have men named Dick. When my uncle's brother threw a party, we were all asked whether we'd like to say something nice about him. Well, I said, that following my uncles death my aunt was very lonely, but that my uncle's brother had found Dick for her now she's happy. Later, I was very embarrassed as I thought about what I had said.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2008
Oh, come on, people. Get your minds out of the gutter. I, for one, think this is a good name. It was my grandpa's name, and I like it.
welovejamesarness  7/29/2008
You are cruel if you name your child 'Dick'.
diamondberries  7/26/2008
By now, this nickname sounds terribly old-fashioned, and a Richard that goes by Dick is most likely middle-aged or old. Even if the name wasn't a colloquial word for 'penis', it would sound rather dimwitted to me. I sort of imagine a guy called Dick to be a fat, balding or bald, ugly guy.
slight night shiver  5/21/2008
The slang use of "dick" for "penis" had nothing to do with Richard Nixon. There are written references to it as early as 1891, and since vulgar slang for sexual organs didn't make it into print often back in the 19th century, it's probably really a bit older than that.

It's amazing to me how quickly historical memory about the use of names is lost. Almost every American man named Richard who was born before 1950 would have been called Dick as his main nickname as a matter of course. No one would have thought it was "cruel" to use the name just because it had a slang meaning any more than most people today would think it cruel to name a child John even though that name has the slang meanings of "toilet" and "prostitute's customer". As long as almost everyone heard the name many more times a day than they heard the slang meaning, the name seemed perfectly OK. It's only after Richard became less common as a given name, and people started using sexual slang more openly as part of their everyday conversation, that people in younger generations were able to start thinking of using the name Dick as being "cruel" or "odd".
clevelandkentevans  5/12/2008
I'm quite surprised nobody's said anything about Moby Dick.
Pippin  4/17/2008
I don't quite understand exactly how one gets Dick out of Richard. They don't sound at all the same to me. Apparently it's a linguistic thing that I don't understand.
Pippin  3/20/2008
1. Chiefly British A fellow; a guy.
2. Vulgar A penis.
3. Vulgar A person, especially a man, regarded as mean or contemptible.
tr. V. Dicked, Dick·ing, dicks Vulgar
1. To take advantage of; cheat.
2. To have sexual intercourse with.
Phrasal Verbs:
Dick around Vulgar

Personally, I think the name Dick is awful.
1. To spend time idly; fool around.
2. To be sexually promiscuous.
Dick up Vulgar
To botch or bungle.
― Anonymous User  3/20/2008
Never have the name Dick and its alternate meaning been so appropriately intertwined as with the United States' megalomaniacal VP.
Midgard666  11/10/2007
Not bad. As long as your last name isn't "Head" ;). Because seriously, who'd want to go through life being called Dick Head?
DontDissMadison  10/6/2007
That name is the same thing as a male organ. When your kid gets older kids at school will make fun of him to the point he is miserable. I feel sorry for anybody named Dick. What an awful name to name your child. That would be just flat out torture to do that to a poor innocent boy. :(
― Anonymous User  7/28/2007
I'd probably use Dick if it didn't mean penis. It's a nice nickname for Richard.
LilaMayaNeve  6/24/2007
I hope every single one of you who has defiled the name Dick, Richard or Dickey get humiliated and degraded in the worse possible ways. You all say, "how could you do this to a child?" Well, you know what, I ask all of you how could YOU do this to a child? How do you think it feels when people can't respect your name and embarrass you from childhood to adulthood. Also by the way, pick up a PROPER dictionary once in a while or ask a doctor to find out what the correct word for the male organ really is. So maybe this teenage game will end? Anyway, My father's name is Dickie and he has always been a very honest, fair and compassionate person. If you are considering naming your child this name then I think that is great but remember that there will always be these kinds of people in the world like the ones on this comment list. Never let them run over you.
Cyneburga  6/17/2007
Wow, Cyneburga, that first line can't possibly be serious. All because of our opinion on a name? How ridiculous, calm down.

While I don't like the name Dick, I've always found Dicky / Dickie to be really cute for a little boy. But of course that'd be for a little boy from back in the '40s or '50s. Not now.
silly_rabbit  10/5/2008
I feel sorry for anyone who has the name Dick.
complexedperson  6/12/2007
My Grandpa's name is Richard and goes by Dick. He's been called that since he was a boy. It's not really a big deal or anything and nobody ever laughs or makes comments about it. Most guys called Dick seem to be older so it doesn't really get made fun of like that because most people are mature enough (I hope) to treat a man called Dick with respect.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2007
What about Dick Cheney? (or however it's spelt) I'm sure you don't think of a male organ when you hear his whole name.
7up  2/8/2007
I'd rather call him Rick if his name was Richard. And I feel sorry for Dick Van Dyke. Dyke means gay woman or something to that extent.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2007
On the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Dick Van Dyke bore the backstage nickname of "Penis Van Lesbian". I suspect that Richard Nixon contributed to the meaning that "Dick" has now. It's sad how an ordinary name picks up an infamous (or famous) meaning and is forever befouled. And let's not even start on the obscene jokes that whirl around the phrase "Tom, Dick, and Harry" (which simply means "everyone").

Go with Rick, instead, as a pet name.

Oh, and I don't associate William with any filthy terms; I stay with either the full name or "Will"/"Billy", and I simply avoid the nickname "Willy".
gaelruadh19  1/16/2007
Don't. Just don't. Your child will thank you.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2006
Dear Richards of the world, I really feel sorry when you are called Dick by others. It is really stupid of them to associate your name with a male organ.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2006
Association with the male organ will make things a misery for people named Richard. Same goes for William.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2006
Seeing as you said that as anonymous and I can't message you, how is William associated in the same way as Dick?
sarinvae  7/28/2006
Because Willy is short for William.
― Anonymous User  8/13/2006
Famous actor Dick Van Dyke.
Tudor  6/14/2006
My cousin's class has a Dick in it. They all know what it means, but only call him Dick when they're angry with him. Otherwise, they use his Chinese name. When my cousin and I somehow get to that topic, we don't say Dick straight out. We use Dick's Chinese name. It's hilarious, but who could do that to a child?
― Anonymous User  5/25/2006
Dick is a short name for Richard but has been called Dickey since the day he was born. It was his uncle's name too.
Pettals  5/17/2006
I used to have an neighbor named Dick. When I got older and learned what his name meant in slang, I felt bad for him.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2006
The first Robin's given name was Dick Grayson.
HarpieSiren  3/6/2006
Dick York and Dick Sargent both played Darrin Stephens in the T.V. show "Bewitched."
breakofday  12/30/2005
Why would you do that to your child?
― Anonymous User  11/2/2005

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