No NO NO! The "glass" part is TOO noticeable. Use Douglas!
The extra “s” is unnecessary.
Kirstino, spouse, and I wanted to name our child a name with D that nobody really has. Kirstino excitedly came and said, Douglas! I was a little disappointed. Douglas is unattractive, Doug is not a good nickname and it is too mature in a boring and unrefined way. So, I explained and just before delivery, I found Demetrius. It was unique and we turned it into Demetrios. There were so many possible nicknames and we thought it would make a great deal.We personally prefer other names over Douglas. This paragraph belongs to my first cousin and it was her typed impression and it is real and factual. We felt the same way too. And now after Kirstino and her delivery, I am glad to have a 6 year old cousin Demetrios, which we call Demio and Demmy for now, since he is extremely young.
This spelling may be given in honor of Frederick Douglass (1818-1985) who escaped slavery and became an abolitionist writer and speaker.
Douglas is the better spelling.
In the USA (2014) 7 baby boys were given Douglass.

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