It comes from the name David.
A very cool and handsome name.
Quite common among Chasidic Jews in the combination Sholom Dovber. Most of the boys I know with it in that combination who go by Dov or Dovie pronounce it Duhv/duh-vee.
I like this. It's the name of one of the two main characters in one of my favorite book series. (Promise of Zion, by Robert Elmer).
Pronounced dohv.
Would make a great sibset with Ari.
In the book Exodus by Leon Uris, Dov Landau is a young Jewish boy who survived Auschwitz and is one of the main characters.
Dov is Eli Roth's character in Quentin Tarantino's Deathproof.
I like this name a lot especially for a middle name in such combos as Ezekiel Dov, Asher Dov and Emerson Dov. Great name!

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