According to, there are ten people in the U.S. named Doyle Doyle.
Doyle McManus is a minor character in Gilmore Girls. Doyle is the editor of the Yale Daily News (where Rory, Paris, and Logan work) and he later becomes Paris's boyfriend.
Very unpleasant sounding.
Knew a woman from Mississippi who named her kid Doyle which is awful enough but even worse, she called him DOLE. YEAH. LIKE THE PINEAPPLE FOLKS.
Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly. Harsh. Similar to DOILY... UGLY AND
Guitar player and songwriter Doyle Bramhall II, formerly of the ArcAngels, bears this name, as did his father, singer-songwriter and drummer Doyle Bramhall.
What a handsome, smart-sounding name! I think it's wonderful to use this as a first name! (^^)b It's just simply awesome how Doyle is associated with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. ♡ ☺.
All in all, I cannot deny a fondness for the name "Doyle"... but I wish it to remain on a strict surname basis. The meaning is considerably interesting-- certainly not one that, if you were not Irish, would muster up.
It's an okay name. I've only seen it as a last name though.
My favourite name. DOYLE, DOYLE, DOYLE. Amazing to say, beautiful meaning.
No offense, but I really don't like this as a first name. It sounds unpleasant, and it would be particularly awful in a Southern drawl in America.
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle was a book. I shouldn't have to tell you the main character.
Mrs. Doyle in "Father Ted" is a frazzled housekeeper who adores making cups of tea.
Doyle is strictly a second name. I am Irish and live in Ireland and have never met anyone with Doyle as a first name but many with it as a second.
There's a character in the novel At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill whose name is Doyler Doyle. He's one of the "two boys" of the title and is in love with the other, Jim Mack.
A major character in the Buffy spinoff Angel who died early in the series. Incidentally, he was Irish. R.I.P.

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