I dislike the name Duane and all of the variants. Whenever I think of it, I hear the tacky Southern U.S. drawl "Duh-wayyyyy-n" which is quite unpleasant to my ears. I have met two people named Duane/Dwayne in my life. One was a drunken lout from Mississippi, USA who wanted to be a cowboy and frequently got into bar fights and became belligerent whilst drinking. The other was a thug from Essex, England, who had a long record of police action and incarceration, and tended to be violent. Neither made a good impression on me. I consider the name low class and not one which commands respect. Of course, that is just my opinion based on my experience. If you love this name, you should use it and not worry what other's think. Maybe your child will be the one to change my mind about it.
The main impetus for turning this surname into a given name was James Duane (1733-1797), who was mayor of New York City 1784-1789 and a U.S. federal judge 1789-1794. In the 1850 census, 62% of the 488 men and boys who had Duane as a given name were born in New York state, and most Duanes were born in either New York or the Midwest until the 20th century.
Very pleasant, handsome name.
The name Duane has been ruined by redneck Southerners but at least it's not as bad as the tacky spelling Dwayne, which incorporates another lower-class name, Wayne. Worst of all are the (mis)spellings DeWayne and D'wayne. Cue up the hillbilly banjos, folks.
The name Duane was given to 113 boys born in the US in 2015.
Many annoying, loud-mouthed guys will pronounce this in a hideous nasal voice, turning it into duuuh-WAYNNNN with an irritating expression on their face. Come to think of it, women will do the same.
My impression of the name Duane is that it was appropriately given to me because of the original Celtic meaning of "Singing"! My life revolved around music! I have a deeply appreciation of all genres of music! Music always inspires me!
I found in a Document that the name Duane meant "Singing" in Celtic! This was a long time ago in the 1950's so I can not reference it! Lately I do not see this meaning used in current name definitions! I've always accepted this meaning and wished I had kept the reference!
And there's Duane ("dog the Bounty Hunter") Chapman, if you want to call him a celebrity. He certainly would want us too. Lol! By the way, Duane was Allman's middle name, his first name was Howard.
Guitarist Duane Allman is a famous bearer.

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