I am actually one of those Americans who does have a hard time pronouncing the name, but like it very much. I have found conflicting information on how to pronounce this name. Could someone please clarify the pronunciation?
chelseatown  8/26/2020
This name doesn't actually lend itself very easily to teasing. Though it isn't terribly easy to say by looking at the spelling if you speak American English, the name is easily explained and serves more often as a conversation starter rather than an offensive nickname. Actually, as it is my name, I have never been called anything related to eels before and it's quite hard to find an insulting nickname based off of it... There isn't really anything particularly insulting about this name - personally, I like eels and the amusing references that eels give.
AsialaeF  9/22/2016
This name is pronounced ee-AH-luh-sich. Gaelic has some very different letter sounds than English does. The alternative pronunciation of ay-LAH-sayd is an anglicized version.
ceg  9/14/2014
No offense to anyone named Ealasaid. But to me, it seems like eel-said. To me, a name that will always have an initial attached to it, however much I dislike that, is far better than a name that lends itself to teasing like this name.
― Anonymous User  12/8/2008
I can hear the American public school teacher saying, "Ok, ee-la-sed, your turn to read." Sorry. Fact is, if you want people in the US to call your child Elasajh, you'll just have to spell it like that (or something similar).
leananshae  12/23/2007
Do you really think everybody visiting this site is American? Sorry, but there are more nationalities out there. And thousands of other languages than English. There is a country called Scotland where some people speak Scottish Gaelic and to them Ealasaid isn't hard to pronounce.
Caprice  8/31/2012
I used this name for a character in a short-story I wrote for school - but that character was male. I had thought I made Ealasaid up myself (silly me!), but couldn't figure out why it seemed so familiar, while I had just been looking at it earlier that day. It's just lucky that my teacher knew nothing of names, or else he might've questioned me on why I named my tyrannical, evil, male character, in essence, Elizabeth. Anyways, I like this name a lot. It's very mystical and quite pretty. I'd rather see girls with this as a middle name than the overused Elizabeth.
Pheadirean  7/14/2007
Hmmm, it looks strangely like a diminutive of "eala", which is Gaelic for "swan". It's pretty, though. It's pronounced "EL-a-saj".
gaelruadh19  1/16/2007

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