Ella is the real name of Cinderella. Her sister Drisella decided to give her the cruel nickname of 'Cinderella', and she adopted it. This is one of my favorite names!
I love this name! My friend's name is Ella, she's super cool. A nickname for Ella that we use for her is 'Ella Bella', lol.
Hella better than Bella. See what I did with Ella?
I like the name Ella, one of my best friend's names is Ella. It's a really pretty name and I'm mad at the haters- Ella is pretty.
I love the name Ella so much. I have heard people say it means “she” but it also means beautiful fairy which is nice.
It's pretty. Ella is a beautiful name because it's nice. :)
Cute as a nickname for Delilah!
I'm sorry, but this name is not for me. Actually I have nothing against it, but as I am Spanish, in my language "Ella" is a female pronoun, in English it would be "She". So it sounds strange to me to give my daughter the name Ella, it would be like giving a girl the name She.

As a nickname it seems more acceptable, there are names that would sound good as Annabella, Elizabeth, Arabella, Isabella, Helena, etc. But as a full name I see it as strange, simple and boring. Sorry.
In my opinion, Ella is a simple, gorgeous, timeless name that I will never grow tired of hearing.
I like the meaning of it which is "beautiful fairy". I have a baby doll named Ella and it's a pretty name:-)
I gave birth to twins in 2014 and named my daughter Ella June. I'm from the South and to me the name is very southern belle. Ella is my most stubborn and strong willed child of six!
Very childish.
It’s nice, though I wouldn’t use it unfortunately because it’s awkward to say with my last name so I would likely go with Emma instead (which is also a lovely name to me).

If I didn’t have that problem and I were to name a child this, I’d give it in reference to the Spanish pronoun. The meaning “other” given on this site, while I don’t doubt it as I’ve seen it elsewhere too, is not interesting to me at all.
I feel like Ella sounds like a beautiful angel, it sounds prettier than Emma. Although it sounds a little bit childish, but sounds more mature than Ava.
I have a friend named Ella. I think there is nothing wrong with the name, also an Anonymous User said her name is Ella-Grace, guess what? I also have a friend Grace. Ok to not go off topic let’s just say if you want a unique name it may not be the best choice, but I think It’d be a good nickname for Bella. Might be a good name for a little princess. My opinion though. Please don’t hate me if you don’t like the name or something.
My name is Ella and I think it's beautiful. It's short and sweet.
I adore this name! I met the most beautiful little girl with the name, and fell more in love with it.
My name is actually Ella and I use my name spelled backward as a character in stories I write on google docs my character is Alle and she is beautiful and someday she will see the sun. And I am a teen and I think my name has grown well with me.
Acting as the devil's advocate for this one: Ella is a lovely name, and while I would never use it myself, I think it'd be just fine for a little girl and would age perfectly well. I can imagine a baby named Ella, a little girl named Ella, a teenager named Ella, an adult named Ella, and even an old lady named Ella. If you love the name Ella, use it!
I prefer Ellie or Allie as well.
Elle is much better than Ella!
Nice name but it doesn't age well, sorry not sorry.
This means 'she' in Spanish.
This was my granmother's name and personally I really like it, unfortunately she died about a year ago. But I really love the name.
I don't like this AT ALL, but I do like Elle, though.
It's Cinderella's real name!
Weak and childish. Can't imagine on an adult. Sorry not sorry.
Ella only fits a baby and toddler. Ella sounds terrible on an adult. Sorry but it's true.
I disagree. It's not only toddlers and children. It's alright and suited for a child, teen and adult. It's not childish in my opinion.
I love this name and I don't think it is overused, at least where I come.
Hi, my name is Ella and I would tell you more about it. So when I was young, I hated my name. I hated it because my name was just so short. But when I was older, I thought that Ella is actually a very pretty name. It's beautiful, and this name is also kinda "princess-y" to me. I also like how simple this name is ━ easy to spell, say, and remember! For those of you who hate my name, you can continue harassing my name.
I think Emma looks a lot better. Ella feels a little bit dry. Emma feels more vibrant, easier. Not a bad name, just really nothing much great about it.
Ella Vos (born Lauren Salamone) is an American singer songwriter.
This is my baby girl's middle name; the end of my grandmother's forename.
Two famous Ellas for you all!
Ella Rose Gaines is Chip and Joanna Gaines's daughter.
Another Ella Rose is Ella Rose Mann, Dhar Mann's daughter.
Absolutely love the name Eliana. I think Ella is cute as a nickname, however, too plain for a full name. Aliana (nickname Allie) is absolutely adorable as well!
It's girly and youthful. I prefer Elle and Ellie though.
Not bad, but really popular. I actually prefer this to Elle.
Very pretty as a nickname to a more formal name like Eliana, Elliana, or Elianna.
I liked this name 10 years ago. It has since become waaaaay too popular and over done.
So over done. I know probably a hundred Ellie’s and Ella’s. Just over it!
In 2015, a French couple decided to name their daughter Nutella because they hoped she could emulate the sweetness and popularity of the chocolate spread. One French judge wasn’t having it, and insisted that the name could only lead to “mockery and disobliging remarks.” It was ruled that the child’s name be shortened to the considerably more conventional-sounding “Ella.”.
Pretty, but popular.
So pretty! It would go good on a pet too.
Similarly to Elle, Ella will always be an elegant, beautiful, and simple name that oftentimes can also be cute. It is a pretty shortened version for many names, but can also stand on its own, delicate and timeless.
Means elfin; beautiful fairy-woman in English.
Just like with Emma in the late 90s, I don’t understand the appeal. Plain and far too popular.
Gorgeous! Way better than Bella.
This name is very beautiful.
My name is Ella and I have always loved my name and my nickname El. My last name is Rose so my full name is Ella Rose and I get complimented on it all the time.
My full name ends in Ella. I think the name Ella rolls nicely off the tongue and is mature and sweet.
Soooooo popular now every other young child is called Ella - also all of the Ella’s I know are not very nice kids which probably gives me a negative opinion - always hearing ‘Elllaaa’ shouted everywhere...yuk.
Ella Mai Howell (1994-), is an English singer and songwriter.
Personally, I think that Ella is a beautiful name, although I may be a little biased because my name is Ella, lol. I often get compliments on my name and it reminds me of a fairy. I don’t think that it is too popular (like the name Emma), and is pretty when paired with “Rose” or “Grace”. I only have one first name, but my middle name is Grace and I sometimes go by Ella-Grace. To people saying that it is hard to nickname, I go by “El” to my family and some friends.
I like the name Ella. It sounds pretty as a nickname for Eleanor or Elizabeth or just on its own. I prefer it to Ellie and Elle. I think it goes really well with Rose — Ella Rose... beautiful. When I hear this name, I picture a kind-hearted, pretty, clever girl with shoulder-length hair and a warm smile. Some good combinations are:
· Ella Rose
· Ella Hope
· Natalie Ella
· Sophie Ella
· Ella Sophie
· Ella Ava
· Adeline Ella
· Ella Adeline
· Lucy Ella
· Ella Samantha.
My name is Ella. A family name. My nickname is El. 59 yrs old. I hated my name growing up. One reason is that it was not a popular name. Every other name you could buy things with their name on it but I never found anything with mine on it. I love my name now. And for the last 30 years I've had many, many compliments. They say it's pretty and unique. And that also describes who I am. The main reason I like my name is because the person you are comes from your name. And I am proud of who I became. It really is unique.
Ella is such a pretty name! I would use it but it's much too popular for my taste.
OKAY PEOPLE! MY NAME IS ELLA AND I LOVE IT! Even though some people hate this name because it would be better as a nickname, I really don't care!
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ella who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 387th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It's a nice name, but to me it's a bit too plain and lacks substance.
Diminutive of Elanor and Angela.
I think it's better as a nickname.
Pretty name, but too smooth and simple. I would add another name, like Ella-Jane or Ella-Grace, to strengthen it a bit.
Ella is a pretty nickname, however I'm really not fond of it as a full name.
Ella is not that interesting of a name to me. I think it's more like a nickname than a first name. Plus, this name is way too overused, especially by celebrities.
US English girl synthetic voice created by Acapela Group is called Ella.
I love this name. I generally tend to like names ending in -Ella or with -el- anywhere in them. Ella is a very fresh sounding name for me. It's soft and girly, but very energetic at the same time. I associate it with a playful, imaginative, sociable girl, believing in fairies and other fairy tale creatures, she loves to sing and be close to nature, is very chatty and rather naive, but also very bright and energetic, she's very kind to people and very outgoing. She's small and slim, has long, black, curly hair, rosy cheeks, eyes in the colour of the sea, or they can be hazel, red lips, small hands and feet, she likes long dresses, her favourite colours are pink and silver and she likes to look elegant. I tend to pronounce it EL-lah.
Ella Sanoo (real name Ella Koskela) is the Finnish singer from Vasa.
Last year, there were 3 girls named Ella in Poland.
Hi! Finally someone with the name Ella here! I used to hate my name when I was younger but now I'm starting to like it a bit more. I am part Spanish and my Spanish friends never get confused and say "eyah" instead of Ella but I guess it's what country you're in that makes it like that.
Also, I'd like to say that personally eyah and Ella do sound the same, it's just a Y instead of an L sound so it sounds pretty much all the same when you say it.
My name is Ella and even though I hear about other Ella's all over school it doesn't really bother me. Scrolling through these comments I saw that people don't know how to nickname Ella because it's so short. Personally I am called El by my family and friends. And when it's used in Spanish it sounds completely different when you say it, just not when you spell it.
I like the name Ella, but not just because that's my name. The thing I don't like about Ella (this also goes with a lot of other short names) is that there aren't really any nicknames for it. Maybe Ellie, but I don't really think that's a nickname since it's actually longer than Ella itself.
Name - Ela एला
Origin - Sanskrit
Pronunciation (English ) - eɪ-laa, eɪlA
Pronunciation (Hindi) elaa एला
MEANING - cardamom, pastime, merriness, sport.
I think Ella is a beautiful name, it reminds me of a nice funny girl. I don't think that it is "too short to be a name" it's pretty and no names are "too short".
Ella Yelich-O'Connor, New Zealand alternative singer known by the stage name 'Lorde'.
Very popular, but beautiful anyway! I love the name Ella (and Ellie)! I think Ella is great on its own AND it's a great nickname. Longer versions of Ella include Elouise, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elia, and Elowin, all of which are beautiful names.
Ella Baker was an American Civil Rights activist.
Some of these comments aren't very nice! I'm called Ella and I was born in 1999 when it was not a popular name. I do actually like it and I don't care if it's hard for people to understand that it isn't short for anything!
I find it very cute as a nickname, but as a full first name I find it to be too short and too soft. Try a longer first name and use this as a nickname, if you want to call your daughter this.
You're right! This is a bit too short to be a first name that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!

And if anyone one else really likes this name, consider:
But don't do Salmonella! Lol!
Gabriella "Ella" Henderson is a British singer-songwriter.
My paternal grandmother's name was Ella (born in the 1920's). She was named for her mother, who, in turn, was named for HER mother. She ended the trend with her own daughter, whom she refused to name after herself. She HATED her name and said she never wanted any future children named for her. She thought her name sounded ugly, foreign (her family was from Germany), and old-fashioned.

She died in the 1990's and I laugh now, thinking that she just missed seeing how trendy her name has become. I don't know if she'd feel bad for all the little Ellas or would learn to embrace her name now. I also find it hilarious how many commenters here are saying that they can't imagine the name for anyone other than a little girl, seeing as the name is all over my family tree--belonging to women I have only ever known as old ladies.

As for me now, all the little preschoolers with this name have changed my impression from "grandmom name" to cute and kind of pretty. I'm glad it's had a resurgence.
Ella is a character in Sonic X.
Love this because of Ella Fitzgerald. Will probably use this... seems the Ella trend has waned these days!
This name is ok but it sounds so boring and dull! If you like names beginning with e then go for something like eva instead.
Pronounced "ell-ah".
Ella Chen (birth name: Chen Chia-Hwa) is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and TV host. She is the oldest member of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E.
Ella Hooper bears this name. She is a well-known Australian singer, best known for being the lead singer of The Verses and Killing Heidi. She is also the team captain of Season 2 of Spicks and Specks.

Ritchie Neville (one of the band members of Five) and Natasha Hamilton (one of the members of Atomic Kitten) have a daughter called Ella.
I like this name! It's really pretty!
Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, known by her stage name "Lorde", is a New Zealand singer and songwriter.
Ella is one of the main characters in the Game Boy Advance video game Mario Golf: Advance Tour.
Ella McMahon, better known by her stage name Ella Eyre, is a British singer and songwriter.
I think this is a BEAUTIFUL name! :D.
My name is Ella. I love my name. I don't think that it is too popular. I do appreciate my mom that she named me Ella. Sometimes when I meet pregnant woman and they hear my name, they are changing their mind to name their daughters' Ella. I think that the name Ella is classy, rare and sounds absolutely fabulous.
My oldest daughters' name is Ella. I loved how sophisticated, feminine, and beautiful it is.
Dopey name. It means "other"? Anyone who took Spanish in high school knows that it means "she". Such an ugly and meaningless name to give a girl.
I never knew this name existed and it's number 12. I guess it's okay, far too short and a bit vapid for my taste.
I tend to think of Ella as a nick name. It's very cute as a nickname for Eleanor but I don't think it really works very well for any other names. I definitely think it does not have enough sophistication or substance to stand alone as a name, ESPECIALLY for a working adult.
I love this name :) Not just because it's my name, but I think it's a lovely name, and happy that's it belongs to me! Where I live it actually isn't that popular. I'm the only Ella in my school.

When I used to walk into school, everybody used to sing "Under my umbrella, Ella, Ella, ay, ay, ay," it was so funny!

I don't really mind that some people think it is over used and too popular. I love unique and not-that-popular names, but Ella is unique and un-popular in my local area :D

It actually is alright on adults, for example Ella Henderson and Ella Fitzgerald. It suits/suited (RIP xox) them!

Thank you :) x Sorry, I just had to do a rant LOL!
I like it only as a nickname, not a full name. I don't like it as a nickname for Eleanor though, it just feels weird to take out the e for some reason. I prefer Elanor.
This is such a cute name for a girl of any age.
I love the name Ella, its my name. Ella Louange. My mom's name is Stella, so she shortened it to call me Ella. I just love it!
I think this name is so strange. It sounds incomplete, like there should be something in front of it or behind it. Plus, I can't take it seriously because of the movie Ella Enchanted.
Oh, and not to mention every time I hear this name, in my head I go "Under my umbrella Ella ella ay ay ay" because of the song Umbrella by Rihanna.
I suppose this is ok for a nickname, but I don't find this name pretty. It's kinda boring and sounds unestablished.
Even though this name is kind of simple and almost plain, it has a classy and almost ethereal quality to me. When I hear this name, I imagine a graceful woman with a kind of quiet strength about her.
GAH, I hate this name! It's not even like a real name, just half of one. How boring can you get?
If someone is named Ella, how do you know if it's ELLA(1) or ELLA(2)?
"Cinderella" does not come from "Cinder Ella." It's an anglicization of French "Cendrillon." The association with "Ella" came later.
I had a great-grandma named Ella. It was not a nickname, it was her full first name. Her parents were immigrants to the US from the Dutch / German border. She died only recently at the age of 113. She has a Wikipedia page if you are interested in her. She's on there because she was a supercentenarian.

I find it interesting that so many people find it hard to imagine this name only on a young child. This name was very popular in the late 19th Century in the US and parts of Europe. So many of us probably have grandmothers or great-grandmothers or great-great grandmothers with this name. This name has recently become popular again. As have names like Bella, Emma, Eva and Ava. It seems that short but sweet names are currently trendy. This name has a place in my heart even if it isn't my style.
Ella is the daughter of American actor Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham. Ella's siblings are Michael, Brendan, and Grace.
Love, love, love this name so much so we named our daughter Ella Grace. Such a pretty sounding name. We will always be happy with our choice and our daughter absolutely loves it. She is the only Ella in her school by the way. We got lucky!
A nice, off-the-beaten-path nickname for Elizabeth - stands out from all the "Liz"-es and "Liza"-s.
Beautiful. I just wish it wasn't so common.
Nice name, but I can only imagine a young woman being called Ella. Also, it's too popular now.
This name is sort of an ear worm to me, despite -or because- it being so lazily composed.
I absolutely adore it! Gorgeous.
Blah. I don't see the big "Woot" about this name. It's ok as a nickname but as a full name? Please a 40 year old Ella, wow funny.
1. It's becoming way too common
2. It's boring
3. It really doesn't suit anyone over 20.
This name is good, but only as a nickname. It is too incomplete to be a full name.
I don't dislike the name, but it doesn't seem to have a lot of substance to it, and the surge in popularity puzzles me. It's become a really trendy nickname too, with a lot of people using -ella names like Isabella, Arabella, and Annabella just so they can call their daughters Ella. If you love the name that much and intend to only call her Ella, why not just call her Ella and skip the pretense of giving her a more formal name when Ella can be a name in its own right?
Ugh. This name is WAY overused. I'm sick and tired of hearing it. Why is it so popular? All I think of is "elephant". And I get irritated when I see people using it as a nickname for names that end in -Ella. If you like it that much, just name your daughter Ella.
I prefer this over Emma (though I still like it), Emily, Ellen and Eleanor.
This is fine as a nickname, but I don't really like it as a full name.
I HATE this. Another "I completely can't understand why on earth this is so popular" name. All all all I can think of when I hear it is "elephant." Ellen and Eleanor are much much better.
I'd never name my daughter this. I can't stand the name and I see it on top lists everywhere. It's overused, boring and unoriginal. The sound of Ella is ugly and the name is overly girly, cutesy and wouldn't sound right on an adult. I'd rather name my child Ellen or Eleanor, they're both nice names and more mature and classy. I'm so sick of Ella and I wanna turn up my nose at it every time I hear it.
Ella Dee is a character in the second season of the TV show Hex.
Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine (a granddaughter of Queen Victoria) was called Ella.
I like this name, it has a really nice sound to it. But I don't think I would ever name a daughter this for two reasons: 1) I speak Spanish, so it would be a little like naming my child "she" (and it's pronounced eh-yah, not Al-yah), and 2) If your daughter happens to be on the heavier side, she could be nicknamed "Ella the Elephant". Immature yes, but kids can be so cruel these days.

That said, I would consider using it as a middle name.
I like this name a lot. I think it is kind of young so I would use it as a middle name.
It's not that I don't like it. It's a short, simple, pretty name with a pleasant sound. But gosh, how boring it is when you really think about it for a while. If you live with this name for decades, you'll probably be bored to tears of it yourself, as it's so plain, and, above all, so UNORIGINAL. This name is SO damn common that if you name your daughter Ella, she'll be one of some seven Ellas in her class. At least in Finland, that is surely going to be the case, but this name is overused a bit all over the good parts of the world (shh, don't tell Pandagonians I said this). So, it's a cute name, but hopelessly bland.
Slovak hockey player Richard Zedník and actress Jessica Welch have a daughter Ella Zedníková, born on 6. December, 2003.
This name is beautiful but it makes me think of the song 'umbrella' my Rhianna.
"Under my Umbrella-Ella-ella-hey-hey-hey!"
Ella - Old English meaning of "fairy friend."
Hebrew. Feminine form of Alon. Means "oak tree" in Hebrew.
Such a gorgeous name! This is to be the name of my first and final sister, who will surely fulfill the meaning.
This is a cute name. It reminds me of Rihanna's hit song "Umbrella" that goes "Under my Um-ber-Ella, Ella, Ella, Ay, Ay."
I love this name. It is very sweet, but many people name their children Ellen and call her Ella until about college.
I think this name is beautiful, it has a pretty delicateness about it. I think a very nice combination is Ella Rose, Ella Jane, or Ella Marie.
Can someone please explain where they're getting the information that Ella means "beautiful fairy woman?" I don't think this is correct, but I'm open if someone can name a source.
Much better than Ellie, still it's a rather cold name.
Ella is the name of the eldest daughter in the All-Of-A-Kind-Family book series.
Ella is also the Czech and Slovak form. Name Day: 5th March (Czech).
Nicknames: Elly, Elke, Eli, Elen, Elenica.
I like Ella a lot but I would prefer to use a longer, more traditional name that would be shortened to Ella, or something similar sounding with a more legitimate history as a name, like Stella.
Ella Hooper is the lead singer of the Australian rock band Killing Heidi.
I'd like to combine this with Fantine (fahn-TEEN); we'd have "Ella Fantine".
I love the name Ella, it's pretty and modern and sounds really nice. If I ever had a daughter I would call her Ella.
Ella is a bit vague on it's own but I love Ella-Page or Ella-Jain and maybe even Mari-Ella.
I just wanted to let you know that Ella also means 'goddess' in Hebrew.
This name appears in several medieval Norwegian epics.
This name is cute. It sounds very princess-like.
In the book Just Ella, it tells the story of what happens to Cinderella (really Cinders-Ella) after the ball and wedding, and how tomboy, bookworm Cinders-Ella actually got there. I love that book and read it often, although I'm too old to fully enjoy it.
It's just SO BEAUTIFUL. It actually means "beautiful fairy woman". Can you get more beautiful and magical than that? I don't really like Ella as a nickname for Eleanor. I recommend just plain Ella! Also Ella was the name of the main character in ELLA ENCHANTED, and was also Cinderellas real name.
I hate this name. No idea why. I prefer the less trendy and better sounding Stella and Etta. Or even the freakishly popular Emma. Just not Ella. Hate Ella.
Cute name, but it seems to be growing in popularity among the younger years.
I love the name Ella. I love names that are short and sweet. :)
I think Ella is a beautiful name along with Oonagh. I want twins and guess what I'm going to call them? Ella and Oonagh (and another one called Elady).
I love this name. See my username. When I was little I thought this name was for a very chubby person. I now think this is a beautiful name and I love having this name.
Beautiful name. I just love it.
Love it. Wish it wasn't so popular.
In Hebrew the name means "a goddess" a female god, while a male god is "Ell". "Elli" means "my god".
Ella (short for Elizabeth) was the sister of Alexandra Feodorovna, the last Russian czarina.
I have seen Ella used as a nickname for Marcella.
Pavol Habera & Daniela Peštová have daughter Ella Haberová, she born in 21 July 2002 in New York City. She weighed 3kg at birth.
I like Ella being short for Eleanor.
When in its own right, I think Ella is a very cute name. I like short, simple names and this one really fits into that category. Fab.
This name is very feminine and pretty. Cute for a child as well as nice sounding for an adult woman. I can see why it's become popular.
I love this name. Its very simple but very elegant. I think its recent popularity is due to the book Ella Enchanted, that is where I first heard of it.
Feminine without being frilly. This name seems youthful and playful to me, like somebody that would be easy to get along with and pleasant to be around.
According to some accounts, the name Cinderella came from Cinder-Ella.
Ella Fitzgerald, jazz singer, is a famous bearer.
I wonder why this name has suddenly become so popular. It is fairly pretty, but it seems a strange choice for a name that suddenly tops the popularity charts.
The only Ella I know gets called ellaphant.
A beautiful name only for a beautiful angel! Heavenly!
I love the name Ella because of the heroine in the book "Ella Enchanted", one of my favorite books as a child growing up.
Ella Scott Lynch is an Australian actress. Her time on the soapie Home and Away was short-lived because too few people could accept her in the role made popular by Bec Cartwright.
It means "Beautiful Fairy Maiden". I have two friends with this name and they are both very beautiful!
In Old English, this name means "beautiful fairy woman".
Do you mind explaining just how this name means 'beautiful fairy woman'? What are your sources?
In Gone with the Wind, Scarlett has a daughter named Ella Lorena.
Ella Lorena (?) was not the name of Scarlett from GWTW's daughter. Her name was Eugenie Victoria but they only ever called her Bonnie. Overall I love the name Ella and plan on using it if I ever have a daughter.
Ella Lorena is the name of Scarlet O'Hara's daughter in the book. She also had a son. Only her third and final child makes it into the theatrical cut, the ever famous Eugenia Victoria "Bonny Blue" Butler.
There's a book and film 'Ella Enchanted'.
I think the name Elaa is beautiful! I ask my friends to call me that sometimes.
Ella can be short from Elizabet or Stella.
Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have a daughter named Ella Olivia.
My niece's name is Gabriella Noelle but we call her Ella. I detest it as a full name.
'Ella' in ancient Greece was the Dorian form of the ancient Greek name 'Elle'. The sufix -a is typical Dorian, used in feminine names and words.
"Ella" can be a pet form of names such as Eleanor, Elinor, Ellen, and other variations.
Ella is the Spanish word for "she", but it´s pronounced Al-yah in Spanish.
The pronunciation of the English name Ella (el-LAH) and the Spanish word Ella (eyah) are completely different.
It is actually pronounced eh-yah in Spanish.
John Travolta has a daughter named Ella Bleu. This name is a popular celebrity baby name.
Ella Bleu is a popular celebrity baby name? What other celebrity has a child named Ella Bleu?
I think they mean that Ella is a popular celebrity baby name, not Ella Bleu.
Ella also means "she" in Spanish. It was borne by two American women - singer Ella Fitzgerald and actress Ella Raines.

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