This is stunning. A very alluring name.
Sounds awfully pretentious and snobby.
This saint is my namesake. Has been in my family for many generations. Yes, I am from very distant English extraction. I only was given a portion of the name and yes I was teased in school :) I hated the name then but, I am extremely proud of it now. I would have to agree that the full "Etheldreda" is a mouthful but the shortened "Dreda", like I was given, I love. It was my grandmother's middle name, my mother was given Dreda as a middle name and I have a cousin that got the whole enchilada. But she spells it without the "D". Go figure.
Etheldreda would be an awesome name for a character, or even a middle name, I think it's stunning.
Just like Etheldred can be thought of as a combination of Ethel with Eldred (a boy's name/grandad name) or Mildred, Etheldreda can be a the result of blending Ethel with Eldreda, the female form of Eldred.
Also found in the form Etheldred, as if combining Ethel with Mildred or the male name Eldred. Yet Etheldred, without the 'a' after the second 'd', is female only, used in Anglo-Saxon times and again in the 19th century. Both Etheldred and Etheldreda are now out of fashion, but Audrey is the more popular form today.
Pronounced E-THEL-dreh-duh. I actually like it a lot, but it's probably too unusual for a child (which would result in teasing) and people would constantly mispronounce it as Ethel-dree-duh or Ethel-dred-uh.
Queen Etheldreda is a character in Angie Sage's very good novel Physik.
Pronounced a-THEHL-dreh-duh.
Saint Etheldreda was a famous Anglo-Saxon saint.

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