Fionn is nicer.
Cool history but I don't care for the name itself.
I think this name is nice and cute. :3.
I would like to begin by expressing my fondness for this name; it is a delight. My first experience and introduction to it was meeting a Kerry Blue Terrier (a dog) bearing it.Having said that... unless the person is of Irish descent and possesses a surname of identical origin to balance, "Fionnbharr" will regrettably not work well.
With this particular spelling, the pronunciation is an immediate factor-- but my reason is more closely related to the fact that it will appear "self-kre8ed" in English-speaking countries; it will appear that you are trying too hard, and thus is rather pretentious.
This is one variation of the name of the king of the Daoine Sidhe, the faeries, in Celtic folklore. It is also spelled as Finn Bheara or Finbeara, or most often as Finvarra. His wife is Una, the fairest woman among faeries and humans, and he is a benevolent figure who ensures good harvests and great riches to those who respect him, though he has a nasty habit of kidnapping human women.
I'm a bit of a mythology geek.

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