My first thought seeing this name is Frida Kahlo, and that it sounds a bit like "freedom"— both good associations! I can easily see this name coming back in style. I wouldn't personally use it for a child because it doesn't sound as pretty in French, but if you're considering this and it sounds good in your language, I say go for it! I personally gave it to a character in the novel I'm writing.
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't name my daughter this, but this is a strong, noble girls name!
A timeless name. Not something I would name my daughter - but it's pretty.
Frida is a main character and best friend of the titled character, Hilda. A Canadian made animation show that can be seen on Netflix.
Strong name for strong women! I like it a lot!
Wonderful name, it's beautiful.
This is a fantastic name.
Also Slovene:
FREE-da in Swedish and German, and FREE-də in English.
Also Silesian:
Swedish model Frida Gustavsson (b. 1993) bears this name.
The only Frida I've met was a little old lady who I swear could have been a witch. I don't believe in actual witches, but there was definitely something unusual about Frida...
Really pretty. I love the association with Frida Kahlo, the famous painter.
This name is also used in Italy.
In 2015 were born 88 babies with this name (the highest number since ISTAT made a national ranking of baby names).
Frida Kahlo was born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón. I love her art and her name is also beautiful.
The name Frida was given to 348 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Frida are female.
Can also mean "Peaceful Ruler" and "Noble Woman".
I think this name is beautiful. Most people that find it strange or ugly are probably Americans. Surprise! Not all names are in English!
This is my middle name. I changed it from FREIDE to Frida. It's unusual I guess! :)
I picture a woman with a major unibrow with this name. Dark features too.
Great name. The /r/ and /d/ sounds make it strong.
I love the name Frida because it reminds me of the character, and my favorite character, from the show El Tigre, Frida Suarez :D as SuicuneGem mentioned.
Frida Gustavsson is a Swedish model and an amazingly beautiful girl.
In some instances, Frida may be a nickname for Frederica.
My first name is Frida, and I guess I like it enough. But I'm not sure of the origin - one theory is the one Caprice posted, the other is that it is from the word "frid" meaning "peace".
(I'm Swedish, and frid in Swedish means peace, as in peace of mind.)

FairyGirl - ouch. I was bullied from ten to thirteen years of age because of that.
I love this name! It probably has a lot to do with my love for Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad of ABBA. For months, I wanted to name a daughter Frida, or use it as a middle, but, for some reason, it slipped off of my list. I think I'd still quite happily use it, but as a middle, which is an issue as it's hard to find first names that fit.
I think I've got an great grandmother with this name. My father says it all the time, for no reason, i.e. "What's for dinner?" "Frida." or "I'm going to go watch the Frida now," not to mention calling everyone in the family "Frida." So, I don't think I can ever use it, or hear it, without laughing.
It sounds hopelessly old-fashioned and grandmotherly. It makes me think of rather kooky and unattractive old women, too.
A cartoon character from the cartoon TV series, El Tigre is called Frida Suárez.
Frida of ABBA! I love that band. It's not the prettiest of names, but it IS admirable.
Artist Frida Kahlo, who wasn't exactly the prettiest person in the world, which is why I will never name my child Frida.
Oh, who cares what she was, who cares how good she was at what she was, I don't like how she looks, wah!
Frida Kahlo was half German and originally spelled her name Frieda, which is the German version. In the 1930s, with Nazism on the rise, she started to go by Frida.
How can anyone think Frida Kahlo was ugly!? I think she was beautiful!
Oh, like that matters! I think this is a very pretty name and Frida Kahlo was an excellent artist.
This is also a Norwegian name. 4418 norwegian women have Frida as their first name - it's actually quite popular nowadays. [noted -ed]
Means "Joy" in Yiddish.
Frida is Friday with the y.
No, Frida is Friday withOUT the "y." Which is totally irrelevant.
Anni-Frid Lyngstad, one of the female members of the popgroup Abba, went by Frida.
Frida is also a Nordic name meaning "beautiful" or "beloved".

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