Who invented this name? It sounds so bad, and it's true.
Fulk is a strong name. It sounds threatening. Like, you’re Fulked.
Hee hee!
If you name a child a swear word or something close, you call his name, your spouse is going to remind you to “watch your profanity” and if his friend wants to say his name, he would get in trouble. If my name was F**king Morrison, I would never use my name unless I want you all to defy the lord! Oops, my bad! I like it.
Poor kid. Maybe as a middle name if you like it enough though...
Fulking hell! Pretty sure it's very rare for a reason!
Oh dear.
This name became a lot more appealing after reading 'Shadows and Strongholds' by Elizabeth Chadwick, as it's the name of the rather attractive hero.

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