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I know that it would be associated with R&B legend Marvin Gaye but still...
wh0sbad  7/14/2019
I'm Gaye but not gay. Told my mum she took away 50% of my sexuality choices when she gave me this name lol it's a bit too cliched to be called Gaye and to actually be gay. I'm 55 so sure, when she gave me this beautiful name it simply meant 'of a happy and sunny disposition'. Pre-high school I grew up with "oh what a gay day!" Then the gay community adopted it and things got difficult for me for a couple of years. My nana was the one who taught me that if I made fun of my name first they would stop because it's only fun if they see they are hurting you. She was right. My name has never held me back, it's a great ice breaker, and people don't forget me. It only annoys me slightly when certain people insist on calling me Gayle even after being corrected but they stop that pretty soon when I start mispronouncing their names.
Mentonmadame  7/12/2019
Not if you want your kid to be teased.
kayisforkeen  9/22/2018
Gay/Gaye are lovely names, and even though I’m not a supporter of the LGBT community, I love this name.
Curious me  9/21/2018
Great to know you care about a name more than human rights!
― Anonymous User  11/7/2018
My name is Gaye and the problem isn't being teased for the name Gaye. The biggest insult that people with my name come across is being called Gail/Gayle.
The teasing does hurt but it can really reveal a lot about the person teasing.
Being called Gayle however, is like being slapped and then spat at in the face. Gaye and Gayle are two separate names. Gaye (a French name) isn't really short for anything and if it is, it is usually Gabrielle. Gayle (a Hebrew name) on the other hand is short for Abigail.
It would be a bit like calling a girl with the name Jan, Jane.
If you come across someone with the name Gaye and you are tempted to call her Gayle JUST DON'T! You would be safer to call her Joy, Amanda, Michelle etc.

PS having said this I really do appreciate it when people get my name right.
stopcallingmegail  5/5/2015
One of the absolute worse names you could ever give to someone.
Gay\Gaye (all spellings and variants) just isn't a name you'd use regardless of which side you are on; for homosexuality or against it
Gay\Gaye is EASY target for MAJOR bullying which may lead to psychological problems. It would be like stepping into a lion's territory with raw meat in your hands. Just asking for deep, deep trouble. Just like the name.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2014
I find this to be a very beautiful, classic, and old name. It's an honest shame that because the meaning of the word "gay" (happy) has changed meanings in today's society, this name has to be thrown aside. Despite my feelings on the name, I would never consider naming my child this or recommend naming someone else's child this due to said reasons above.
Rin_0911  4/8/2012
I like the spelling Gae more! Also it is sad how this name is abused by the immature. But that is society for you. However, due to the turmoil the wrong have caused, I would only ever use this name as a middle name. If I were to use it! Or possibly use it as a nickname to another name maybe like Gail or something. But more than likely if I ever chose this name I would only use it as a middle name.
― Anonymous User  12/9/2008
No matter how you spell it, this name is cruel to name your child.
bananarama  8/25/2008
Please don't name your kid this name this. They will be teased for sure.
number1212  6/2/2008
I've said it before and I'll say it again: in this world of heterosexist tyranny, names like this can only lead to trouble. I wouldn't recommend people to just choose it because they think the girl will have the strength and courage to tell people to get off her back, and to bear her name with pride. Chances are it won't work that way in practise. So, until homosexuality is viewed in the same way as being left-handed is today, as opposed to the situation only a century ago, names like Gaye and Sappho aren't recommendable.
slight night shiver  5/25/2008
I have a cousin called Gaye who's in her fifties, and I'll bet that when her parents chose it they thought it was perfectly sweet. Of course you couldn't use it today, but I can't dislike it because my cousin's lovely.
Pie  10/22/2007
It is a difficult name to live with as I have all of my life! It made a difference when I used my middle name on my resume rather than my first name. People do have prejudices when it comes to this name even when they don't know the person who bears it. Remember, the name was given to those of us who have it; I have chosen to go by my middle name instead. Life is less difficult that way.
dian  11/30/2006
This name is just awful, even with an extra letter.
Hushpuppy  9/21/2006

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