It's a lovely nickname for Griselda.
noisynora  1/8/2021
The name Grizel makes me picture in my mind of an old English women with long gray, stringy, and messy hair.
Bubbles293739  11/3/2019
Grizel Niven was an English sculptor. She created the bronze sculpture, the Bessie, which has been given to the winner of the annual Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction since its inception in 1996. Niven, in collaboration with Paul Clinton, was awarded a prize for one the six best designs in an international competition for the memorial sculpture at the Dachau Concentration Camp, a prize eventually won by Nandor Glid (the son of parents murdered in Auschwitz) in 1967. Niven heard Kate Mosse talking on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour about setting up a Women’s Prize for Fiction, and telephoned to offer a cast of a sculpture of hers as a prize. The 3ft high original stood in her garden in Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London. The bronze Bessie figurine itself is 7.5 inches high.
cutenose  2/16/2017
Also spelled Grisel. Grisie is sometimes used for a nickname.
litcsam  7/11/2009
The name of an unseen character in George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman series. She's the sister of Elspeth Flashman, the protagonist's Scottish wife. She makes her biggest appearance in "Flashman's Lady" as the censorious editor of her sister's diaries.
johann14  12/15/2007

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