Very cute nickname.
noisynora  1/28/2021
My name is Gwen, and I'm from Wales. I like my name I've only ever met 3 people with the same name.
Gwenand84  11/7/2020
Also related to Guinevere if I've spelled it correctly.
User_5643  10/22/2020
Gwen is a character in the TV series "Total Drama".
Anders1234  7/23/2020
It’s actually kinda pretty!
saturnbrat  7/17/2020
Not my favorite.
Anders1234  6/7/2020
My name is Gwen, short for Gwenna. I actually really like it, although I often get called Quinn. It's a unique name, I've only ever come across 4 Gwens in my whole life, and never another Gwenna.
GW3NNA  5/20/2020
I really like Gwen. Sounds very stylish. It's suitable not only as a nickname, but on its own as well.
someone-  4/19/2020
My name is Gwendalyn. I love my name! Yes people think its pronounced Quinn, but all-in-all it's lovely.
Gwe  2/27/2020
My name is Gwen. Just Gwen, it is not derived from any other form. I have had this name for 50 years, as a kid it is a weird experience to have a mature name but not awful. And yes, everyone wants to call you Quinn. On the up side, kids are hard pressed to make up any mean nicknames for you since Gwen doesn't rhyme with anything bad!
SpiderGwen  12/31/2019
Such a cool name, a name for a cool girl in school :)
gwenny137  8/30/2019
Gwen ruins the beauty of Gwendolyn, like Stacy does to Anastasia. Wendy is a much nicer nickname.
kayisforkeen  5/8/2019
I love the name Gwen. Not too harsh, not too overdone.
Bubbles293739  4/27/2019
Gwen is a character on the TV shows Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars. She is "the loner".
Claystarfire  1/23/2019
This is my favorite name at the moment. It sounds so pure, yet strong.
Tiger Lilly  8/15/2017
The name Gwen was given to 371 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Gwen are female.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
Short, simple, and pretty, and it makes me think of a strong-willed redhead. I prefer it a bit more as a nickname for Guinevere, Genevieve, or Ginevra, but it's alright on its own, too.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/11/2016
Even though my real name is longer and starts with Gwen (it's not Gwendolyn), I just go by Gwen most of the time. It's simple and easy to pronounce.
xgirl  2/24/2016
My name is Gwen and I'm very happy with it. The only downside is that people often mis-hear it and call me Quinn. Which is also a lovely name, but not my name.
grshprcrk  1/31/2016
It's ugly and masculine.
TyrannosaurusRegina  1/14/2016
Gwen is such a cute, pretty & AWESOME Welsh name! :D.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2015
I love this name! It sounds so unique, especially with all the -lee and -lyn names being made up these days. I think it's strong enough to be a stand alone name or a nickname for Gwendolyn, which is also very pretty :)
Oohvintage  1/30/2013
Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man's first girlfriend, bears this name.
Martha Gold  1/3/2013
I think Gwen is a great middle name and more unique than Anne or Leigh.
elizabethsheryl  7/3/2012
Gwen Tennyson is Ben's cousin from the cartoon Ben 10 and its spin-offs.
lakin5  11/12/2011
My name's Gwen and a lot of people seem to think that Gwen can only be a nickname for something longer. I personally think that Gwen is a beautiful name by itself and is much simpler that having a long and complicated name which no-one can spell.
ArcticSnowgirl  8/12/2011
Gwen Cooper is a character in the sci-fi/fantasy TV show Torchwood. She is played by Eve Myles.
Lady Jeeves  7/6/2011
I think I heard one time that people in France use the word "Gwen" as a word for lesbian... dunno if it's true though?
ajdsoto  12/27/2010
I just don't like the name Gwen. While most posters think that it sounds pretty, it makes me picture a very masculine looking and sounding woman.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2010
I know a baby girl named Gwenna. I had never heard of that name before, but definitely looks like an update of the Gwen family.
Jamesina  7/24/2010
Gwen is such a pretty nickname for Gwendolyn and it's a prettier alternative to Wendy and Dolly and Lynn. Wendy and Dolly fit a little girl much better than a grown woman and Lynn just seems dated. I have this nickname and I truly love having it because there aren't many Gwen's and its truly beautiful.
indreamereyes16  5/7/2010
Gwen Watford (1927-94) was a well-known English actress with dark hair and big soulful brown eyes.
Just Jonquil  7/5/2009
I think this is a pretty name, I do like Welsh names, they have something soft and graceful about them. I picture an average girl with big brown eyes, kind of dark toned skin and speaks softly.
― Anonymous User  3/18/2009
The origin is not English and Welsh but Cornish, Welsh and Breton (Gwen or more often Gwenn).
kej  9/29/2008
Gwen or Gwenn, and also as parts of a name, is shared by thousands of Breton women and men.
Brittany's national flag is called the "Gwenn-ha-du" (white and black).
kej  9/29/2008
I love this name, both because it's a pretty name and because I really love Gwen Stefani. I like it both as a full name and a nickname.
bananarama  8/14/2008
When I hear this beautiful name, I picture a young girl with long blonde braids, holding a piglet in her arms. Since that's what I picture, I think of Gwen as a nice and pretty name.
missBridget  8/6/2008
A famous bearer was acclaimed stage actress Gwen Verdon (January 13, 1925 – October 18, 2000). She was well-known for her Tony Award-winning roles in the musicals "Can-Can" (1954), "Damn Yankees" (1956), "New Girl in Town" (1958), and "Redhead" (1959). She also appeared in well-known musicals "Sweet Charity" and "Chicago".
AndrewJKD  3/12/2008
My mother's name is Gwen, and I have a friend whose name is Gwenllian, that we call Gwen. I actually find it to be quite a common name, here in North Wales :)
SioniWinwns  12/10/2007
I'm called Gwen and like it - short and sweet! It's also used as a nickname for Gwenno, Gwennan and Gwenllian here in Wales, but the name on its own is quite rare at the moment, I think. (How anoying it is that the only 'Gwen' most people know about is Stefani!)
Sforzando  11/15/2007
When I hear the name Gwen I picture a pretty, caring girl. It has a calm feeling to it as well. Even though I'm not a fan of anyone famous with the name Gwen, I love the name.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2007
Nice and creative, I like it, especially since it's not common.
spaz123  6/7/2007
My friend's daughter's name is Anya Gwen. I think it's really cute. :)
jazzbaby  4/27/2007
I think this name is really pretty.
calli_gurl13  2/24/2007
Gwen Cooper is on Torchwood!
patchworkgirl  12/14/2006
Beautiful name, I am writing a story and the kind, friendly charater with thick blonde locks bears this name. GORGEOUS!
bellaboo  11/2/2006
There are at least two saints with this name. One Gwen was a 5th century saint and one of the many daughters of King Brychan Brycheiniog of Brecon (himself a saint). She was married to Saint Fragan and was the mother of Saints Winwallus, Guithern, and Jacut. Another Saint Gwen was a widow, mother of Saints Cyby and Cadfan, a sister to Saint Nonna, and an aunt of Saint David of Wales. Both feast days vary (June 1, July 5, or October 18). One Gwen gave birth to triplets and grew a thrid breast. In France, cradle cap is known as 'La Mal de Sainte Gwen'. Many people confuse the facts with the two saint Gwens, but apparently both are patrons of newborn babies.
Welsh Nymph  8/4/2006
I love this name also because it is a Celtic name evocating dreams of such a legendary civilisation, and so fantastic musicians. Are many Gwens feeling so?
kej  5/10/2006
GWEN is not only of Welsh origin, but also Cornish and Breton. In Breton (Brittany-Europe), it is spelled the same, more often GWENN. It means also the white colour.
kej  5/6/2006
Gwen Stefani is unique and different and not like those pop clones. I also like this name, it's very pretty.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2006
There are many ways to spell this name. I have an old Celtic spelling (Gwynne).
GwynneLanz  10/27/2005
Gwen means, "white, blessed..." I not sure if I'm blessed, but I'm real sure I'm not white!
Jendayi  9/27/2005
I think that the name Gwen (Gwenith or Gwendolyn) is quite lovely, and not used enough nowadays!
ckb  9/8/2005
No offense to any Stefani fans and/or those who bear this name, but I do not like this name and I do not like Gwen Stefani.
Tbird  7/4/2005
Beautiful, like any name that begins or includes GWEN. Famous bearer: Gwen Stefani.
goneaway  5/16/2005

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