It is pronounced gwen-AH-el in French.
I love the name Gwenael for a boy, partially because it's uncommon and partially because it is rather feminine sounding. It's a very romantic name.
Gwenaël Renaud (born October 4, 1983) is a French soccer player.
Gwenaël is Breton for white (=gwen) prince. It's quite common in Britanny, for both genders, though it's often spelled Gwenaëlle for girls. It can also be spelled Guénaël/Guénaëlle, but that was to make it look more "French", which is not really much done anymore.
I made a mistake above, it's not white prince, but white angel. Prince would be gwen-mael or Gwen-vael.
I love the name, also on a boy. Especially for boys, I think. However, I'd probably only use it as a middle name or if I lived in France. Otherwise, it would be a little too unusual on a boy as it sounds a bit female when you hear it the first time.
The name is Breton, and there it is used as both a girl's and a boy's name, spelled the same way. When used by the French, they give it a feminine form, Gwenaëlle, but it is not linguistically right to do so.
This was my French name in my French 1 class, although at the time I thought it was a feminine name. If I'd known there was a feminine version, I'd have used that instead. Either way, I still love the name to this day, however I prefer it only for a girl.
Pronounced gwen-I-el.
I have also heard this name for a girl. I think it's nice either way, but especially for a girl.

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