I like this name, but I can see it dating in the next 10 years.
I absolutely adore this name. I am surely naming my future child this. In my personal opinion, this is the best spelling. This name ages so well, and is just overall beautiful! Hailey is a very mature, and sweet name.
I prefer Hadley. Hailey looks too soft, but that’s just my opinion!
I’m a Hailey. I am not in love with my name but I do like it. Where I am there is a decent amount Haileys my age but not nearly as many Sophias and Isabellas. It suits me, it is sweet yet spunky just like me! Every other Hailey I have met spells it a different way which probably gets confusing for teachers. I’ve never had to be referred to as Hailey G. And whenever it is hailing outside I can say it is a very Hailey day (it never gets old). So if you're thinking of naming your child Hailey go for it. Overall it is a pretty good name and is getting less popular now too.
It makes me think of "hail" so I am not a fan.

Hayley and Haley are much nicer.
I like the name Hailey. It is more on the popular side but it is not extremely popular like Sophia and Ava. It grows well too. It’s kinda fun, energetic yet mature and sweet.
Some name combos with the name Hailey:
Hailey Jane
Lucianna Hailey
Hailey May
Hailey Bea
Hailey Grace
Hailey Lynn.
Hailey is such a pretty name. It makes me think of wildflowers.
This name is too common- I know three Hailey's.
I think this name is too popular- there were 3 Hailey's in my choir class.
For some weird reason, I think of the word "hate" when I heard this name. However, this is better than Haley/Haleigh/Hailee/Hailie/Haylee/Hayleigh/Hayley/Haylie, and all the other nasty variants.
If you want to name your kid Hailey/Haylee/Hayley/Haylie/Hayleigh/Haleigh/Haley spell it this way!
Every dude in my school has an older sister with this name, it's kind of creepy.
Okay, just a bit plain and dated.
Makes more sense phonetically than Haley.
I like it. Spelled this way and this way only. I dislike Hayleigh, Haileigh etc. I think naming your child Hailey is def gonna get some people confused because they might not know how to spell it. Overall it's not a bad name.
Hate it so much. I think I'm about to throw up. Bleh! I just did.
The best spelling of Hayley. It looks more mature, too.
I like it as long as it is spelled Hailey or Haley. I do not like all those cre8tive spellings such as Hailee, Haileigh, Hayleigh, Haylie etc.
I have always loved the name Hailey. It feels feminine and sweet but has a little spunk to it as well. Overall it’s a lovely name.
That is my name I don't care if people say it wrong, I love it.
I love this name, it sounds sweet.
It's alright and this is one of the better spellings, but I prefer Hayley.
Think it's cool that there are different ways to spell Hailey.
First, Hailey is NOT a stripper name. My name is Hailey and I am not a stripper. I am also not a chicken. I love my name and no one can change that. In my opinion, I love the name. It is not very common and has TONS of nicknames.
Pretty enough name, but it is spelled Hailee, Haley, Hayley, Haylie... so many ways. And I know a ton of Hailey's, from being born in 2003. This name is better then Haley because with Hailey, I see it as Hay-Lee whereas Haley is Hale-y.
Hayley and Haley look a little childish compared to Hailey.
I love my name. It’s spelled “Haley” but, there are no good nick names for it. Ley? Maybe. Or Halo. But, I feel like my name is childish. It’s reminds me of the girl from Wreck it Ralph. I wish I had a cool name like Nicole or just something unique. There are so many Haley’s and I’m just not special. And everybody spells my name with an i. How much is it to change your name? I guess the name is kinda cool. There is a comet named after it “Haley’s Comet”.
Used to like it, but the name annoys me now.
How did this name as well as variants of it cross their way into Scandinavia? I thought they were exclusively English names.
I kind of prefer this spelling to "Hayley" to be honest. I don't know, just the fact that it'd be spelled the same as "hay" for horses is a bit off-putting. It just looks softer. I didn't know too many Haileys in school but the few I did know were very nice.
In 2018, 7 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Hailey who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 450th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'm tired of this name. There are so many Haileys in my grade. The spelling Hayley is slightly better.
Well I am tired of hearing you complain about good names! Or, just names in general! Do you understand that people out there have a name and appreciate it just fine? How can you just not be able to handle a name? Geez...
I'm tired of this name. There are so many Haileys in my grade.
I love the name Hailey. I have a niece named Hailey & we call her Hail often. It suits her. I didn’t think I would like the name Hailey because it’s so popular & I grew up with many Hailey’s I was not a fan of. But now I think the name is more sophisticated & is cute when she’s a baby but mature when she is an adult!
My name is Hailey and nobody ever knows how to spell it right. They always spell it Hayley or Haley. Any time I go somewhere and I want like a bracelet or necklace with my name on it, it is never spelled right. I know many people with that name at my school and they all spell it differently. No one spells it like me, which is cool so it's original. I know people that spell it these ways: Hayley, Haley, Haileigh, and Haylee. I think they are all pretty unique in their own way.
This spelling is originally an Irish surname. And nothing whatever to do with the hay field or meadow or the first name of mainland Britain.

It is from NW Ireland, county Sligo and was most likely from the ancient name ohealaighthe meaning ingenious or perhaps also oheilidhe meaning claimant.

Modern variations of this name are Haly, Haley, Hely, Healy, Healey, O'Healey, O'Haly... etc.

I am the original Hailey (unless you know any Haileys born pre- 1976) because I was named directly from this family name, for my first name.

So in short, Hailey means ingenious.
Also, we pronounce it hAl-i. Like no stressed syllables and barely the tiniest I sound at the end that I wouldn't even call a syllable at all just an exhalation. Please DON'T call me HaIy-Leayy [high; lie] Or HaI-leEE [HAY; Lee]
This is my favorite spelling variation of this particular name. I doubt I would ever use it but if I did, I would, without a doubt, use this spelling.

Tons of names end in that "EE" sound, many of them excellent names.
I like the name Hailey. I think it's beautiful. I also think it's kinda funny when people say Hey-Lee. I don't care that people spell it wrong, you could just tell them there is an I.
Such a childish name. Any name that has the 'e' sound at the end is childish in my opinion.
I don't like this name, it's so trashy and it's becoming popular recently. Please avoid this awful name!
I have a best friend named Hailey and she is funny, but I can understand someone spelling it wrong or saying it wrong like HI-lee or HAI-lee.
I love this name. I find it very beautiful and unique. I enjoy this spelling of the name: Hailey, as I find it very elegant and classy.
Hailey is a beautiful name that makes me think of an angel with a halo.
I love this name so much. Everyone I know says it's unique so I don't care if people don't like it because they are so jealous they don't have such a pretty name. I am happy my parents named me this though I took it for granted a lot because I hated when people made fun of it. I found it was a pretty name to name your little girl (so parents please do name your kids this- they will thank you in the long run)!
I have a 7-year-old cousin with this name, and she's the most selfish spoiled brat I know. That's why I hate this name.
This is my favorite spelling of this name. It's adorable! Fun fact: I went to kindergarten with two Haileys.
Why classify all Hailey's in a group calling them all strippers and ugly? Like seriously! My best friend's name is Hailey and she took this seriously and she got really sad and felt ugly. So just because you don't like this name or if it reminded you of someone bad just keep it to yourself!
Hailey is my actual name and I love my name! It does get annoying when people misspell it but you can misspell about every name! It's also not a strippers name. I don't know why you would even think that! I believe that it's a very pretty name and some people only say that because they may know one Hailey that was a bad person or was a good person but just broke up with them so if your name is Hailey like mine, don't take it to heart, you're beautiful!
How is this a stripper's name? Stripper names are like are like Anastasia or Persia. I think it is a beautiful and poetic name. The ratio of vowels to consonants is perfect. Love this name!
One of my best friend's name is Hailey. She said she gets annoyed when people pronounce it HAY-lee, because it's supposed to be HALE-ee, with the first syllable rhyming with "bail." It's a cool name.
I read a comment about someone saying it reminded them of a hail storm. Just wanted to say don't name your child Hailey Storms. They will have a life of being made fun of when it hails. Other than that, I love my name!
Such a gross, disgusting name. Why would someone give their child a stripper name? It makes me think of chickens every time I hear it. More like a pet's name than a human's. How pathetic.
My name is Hailey and I used to hate it when I was younger. Im 13 now and it probably wasn't until last year that I actually learned to love my name and that's when I heard people I cared about saying it over and over again. I would love it if it could be spelled "Haylee" THAT would be cool, but I honestly love my name and couldn't imagine myself as anything else anymore.
In Old English, Hailey meant "Hayfield", or "Haystack".
My name is Hailey... the meaning of it could also be 'feild of hay' as well as other things, but that by far is my favorite.
I much prefer this spelling over any other with this name.
This is my name. However, I pronounce it HAIL-EY. I constantly correct people because they say HAY-LEY. And it really annoys me when they do that. Just think of saying hail (like the weather) and than Lee. It's not that hard, people. Also, the meaning of the name is wrong. The meaning is different for each spelling.
This is an okay name. WAAAAAAY too popular and overused, though. It isn't good enough to be as common as it is, I think. I like it spelled Haylea.
I really like this name, one of my best friends name as well. She spells it Haileigh. I like the speling Haylee the best but either way I think the name sounds great! If I didn't know her well I would always pronounce the "eigh" as "ay" like hailay.
@rhysse just to clarify, "eigh" and "ay" are the exact same phoneme. In other words, they sound exactly the same. Everyone on here talking about pronunciation is wildly incorrect. I quote from Billy Madison...

"what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
I absolutely LOVE this name! I love the way it sounds and looks. I don't like the spellings Haley, Haylie, Hayley, etc., just Hailey. I think it's so pretty!
My name is Hailey. Personally I don't care much for it, I don't like the hay part. But I can sort of understand why people would like it and I liked reading all your positive comments about it.
My mom said she picked the spelling Hailey because of hail, as in adore or worship. I always thought that was cool.
Hailey's my name. I can't say I really like it. People always misspell it. I've met a handful of other people with my name too. If you want to name your kid Hailey, or a form of it, go with Haley because no one misspells that.
Hailey IS an ugly name! It's way too common and I think of chickens whenever anyone says it. I can't stand this name!
I agree that this name is ugly! It's not really pretty, no good nicknames, sounds like it belongs to a horse rather than a human. Just pointing that out. It's my opinion, that's all.
I feel like I am in the minority here but I honestly think this is an ugly name. Hayley, Haley, Hailey, any spelling is unappealing to me, though I think Hailey is the worst. I don't like the sound, the long a and long e don't sound good together, in my opinion.
My best friend has this name, and so does another close friend. Which is really cool because my name is Bailey, so it's Hailey and Bailey! I think this name is very pretty, but very plain. I've seen "Haley" but that's the name of our current (male) governor, so I personally think that "Haley" is more masculine and I prefer this spelling (Hailey).
This name reminds me of a hail storm. Out of all the pretty names out there why name your daughter Hailey? It's so ugly, weird, silly and I find no femininity to it.
This name is childish and overused. I don't like the "hay" sound. Why do people like this name so much? You can't go anywhere without running into at least five Haileys.
This is my name, and I pretty much hate it. Everybody spells it wrong. If you're going to name your child Hailey, leave out the "i", because everyone else will when they attempt to spell it.
This is my name. And here are some reflections for people thinking of naming their kids this.

1. Everyone spells it wrong!
2. A lot of people pronounce it badly 'hay UH lee' it sounds kind of phlegmy!
3. I spent years at highschool being greeted with "Hey Hai!"

Don't do it folks!
A beautiful girl's name, I picture a pretty girl with a lot of life.
Hailey is a beautiful name for a girl. It is elegant and pretty. And the Hailey's I know are just that; beautiful, spunky, and fun. A lot of the girls names today are so plain, this one still has life.
I never liked this name. No offense but it sounds like a pet's name. And its meaning is rather dumb.
Utterly stupid name, trendy, shallow and dumb. Stripper name.
My name is Hailey and I like it. It's unique but yet common and people don't find it hard to pronounce.
I love the name Hailey. Years ago when my husband and I were teenagers we said that if we ever had a liitle girl we would name her Hailey. May 2004 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, yes we named her Hailey.
This is a wonderful name. There are numerous alternative spellings as well.
On the O.C., Hailey is Kirsten's sister, played by Amanda Righetti.
Quite possibly the worst name ever. Mostly because I am constantly correcting people so they won't pronounce my name like this one or like Haley. It's gets tiring after 25 years.
Hailey is an awesome name for a girl, I wish it was my name.
I love the name Hailey. This is my favorite spelling of it. I know of one Hailey and she is spunky, funny and full of life.
I named my daughter Hailey. I liked this because I have heard of other Haileys but not this spelling too often.

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