What a gorgeous name.
kayisforkeen  3/24/2019
The name is actually pronounced like I-day. There is an accent on the first E.
Flokoflo  3/25/2017
The popularity of this name seems to have begun with the publication of Lord Byron's Don Juan, which he wrote between 1818 and 1823. Byron's poetry was wildly popular in his lifetime across Europe. Another Haidée appears in Alexandre Dumas's [père] The Count of Monte Cristo, a generation later. We know that Dumas had read Don Juan, because he actually wrote a biography of Byron [].

"Elizabeth F. Boyd says that Byron drew the name Haidée from Greek popular songs; it means ‘a caress’, or ‘the caressed one’ (Byron’s Don Juan (1945), 122). Byron’s Translation of the Romaic Song starts: ‘I enter thy garden of roses, /Beloved and fair Haidée’ (Poetry III 222)."

More info from "At first, a minor correction may be mentioned. Byron was uncertain as to the English transliteration of the Greek name Xa6F8& (Xa-q8r); see the note on the 1st
Distich, p. 53. He suggested first Haaithe, then Haithe, and finally Haaithee before he arrived at the form Haidee which he ultimately adopted. These changes must have been made before, or at the time when line 12 was written, for there and in line 34 we already find the spelling Haidee."


"The name Haidee (Χα'θτ) means " caress " and has been understood in this way by D. C. Hesseling, Teophilologus, XXIII, 1938, p. 146, note 3; see, however, F. H.
Loughhead, Dictionary of Given Names, p. 259: Haidee (Greek) Modest. The name itself is unique, but a similar name Xa6t8 occurs in other Greek songs; see, for example, A., p. 151, no. 220; compare 'A. OE'pog, AVnLoT=Ka Tpayov%ta (1909), p. 113."
Fial  3/22/2015
My name is Haydee, not Heidi. Sound it out slowly in English; Hay, Dee. 2 syllables. Not that hard people! Pet peeve; No, I'm not named after the country (Haiti). Like my parents would really name me after a 3rd world country, I'm also going to have no respect for you if you insist on calling me Heidi. Only those truly close to me are allowed to call me by the Spanish version; I Dee.
Halva  1/27/2015
Hey "Halva" No one came here for you and your rude response. Nice with that dis on Haiti too, very classy. People came here to learn and give input on the name Haydée. Plenty of people mispronounce names and deal with people mispronouncing their names. You're not special, no one knows you or came here for you. Get over yourself. No respect.

There are several ways to say Haydée. So I'm not going to knock people for it. I was named after the Spanish version. So it is pronounced I de. Thank you to the people who were respectful and gave some information I didn't know about the name. Like the origin and the meanings. Rare to find and been wanting to know for so long.
VintageDoll  3/16/2015
I have a female cat named this. She's named after the character in The Count of Monte Cristo. I happen to like this name.
Buneary  12/31/2013
This name was used in 'The Count of Monte Cristo', by Alexandre Dumas. It is the name of a freed slave of the Count's that was in love with him.
Anagram  3/17/2011
I really like this name. It's really cute but isn't too girly. It's also unique and sounds pretty.
Fearless817  5/14/2009
This name is also used by Alexandre Dumas in his book The Count of Monte Cristo. It is the name of the main character's guardian.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2008
I think this is a really beautiful name but I prefer the Spanish pronunciation which is "I dee". There is a well-known television series which is called "La viuda de Blanco", there is a character who is named Haydee.
libelula  10/11/2007
I think it's far more likely that this is a variant of Haidee rather than Heidi. [noted -ed]
SeaHorse15  4/21/2006
The origin of the name is Greek and it means: modest, with property and well-behaved. In Spanish it is spelled with an accent over the 1st letter E or like mine on the 2nd E, it is also pronounced "I-de" but in English it's not pronounced like Heidi, it's more like "Hey! D". LOL. The name is a variation of Aida which means wealthy or help.
gatitabella83  1/26/2006
I do not think this name is a variant of Hiedi because it is pronounced differently. It is pronounced "I de".
― Anonymous User  3/9/2005
I noticed the previous comment and just want to clarify that the pronunciation of "I de" is Spanish.
hrios59  5/6/2005

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