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Gender Masculine
Usage Turkish
Note This name is written with a Turkish dotted İ. It appears as HÜSEYİN in uppercase and hüseyin in lowercase.

Meaning & History

Turkish form of HUSAYN.
Other Languages & CulturesHasan, Hassan, Hisein, Husain, Husayn, Hussain, Hussein(Arabic) Hüseyn(Azerbaijani) Khasan(Bashkir) Hasan(Bengali) Husein(Bosnian) Khasan(Chechen) Khasan(Circassian) Hasan(Indonesian) Khasan(Ingush) Khasan(Ossetian) Hasan, Hassan, Hossein(Persian) Hasan(Punjabi) Khasan(Tatar) Hasan, Hassan(Urdu)
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