Also Romanian:
You'll find bearers on social media.
Ilaria translates to Hilary.
Sounds like Malaria.
Simply beautiful!
I think it's a beautiful name, but unfortunately I had the displeasure of having a connection with a very rude woman by this name, so it's kind of ruined for me, honestly.
Ilaria Molinari is a professional mermaid performer from Italy. She holds records, swims in the deepest pool in existence, and is a wonderful free-diver.
I realize that this is not related to the actual etymology of the name at all, nor the meaning of it, but I just find it interesting that literally "il" and "aria" separately translate to "the melody." I think that's really beautiful, though unrelated.
This name is beautiful. Florence Nightingale had a girl cousin called Hilary (named at a time when Hilary was very much a male name) and I speculate that her parents, who I believe lived in Italy like Florence's, got the idea from Ilaria.

There's a rare English name similar to Ilaria - Elaria - and here's what I've just contributed re Elaria as a "reader-submitted name":

An English medieval form of Eulalia. It was caused by a confusion of the second L with R in local speech, and this also resulted in Hilaria in medieval records, as distinct from the male name Hilary. The cult of St Eulalia spread from Spain and France to the English West Country, where, like Ellery (a corruption of Eulalie)for girls, this name, Elaria, seems to have been used the most. It has been used occasionally in England up until the present day, a search of genealogical sources suggests.
Such a beautiful, melodic name - should be used more. It's gorgeous.
The famous Italian news reporter's name is Ilaria D'Amico.

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