Inês Peres de Castro (1325- January 7, 1355) was a Galician lady best known as the lover and posthumously exhumed and declared lawful wife of King Pedro I of Portugal (April 19, 1320- January 18, 1367).
The story of their romance reads like Romeo and Juliet; Pedro was engaged to Constanza of Castile and they first met in 1340, but Pedro lost interest in Constanza when he saw her cousin and lady-in-waiting, Inês. Fair-haired and elegant, Pedro was instantly smitten with her. Pedro's father, Alfonso IV, was not happy. Despite many forceful attempts to discourage them, Pedro and Inês secretly married after Constanza died in 1345 and they produced four children, but Inês was assassinated on orders of Pedro's father, who deemed her ineligible to be queen and a bad influence on his son. Pedro grieved for her for the rest of his days and upon becoming king in 1357, he had his Inês exhumed and crowned after he declared that she was his lawful wife and his queen.
"Inês" makes me think of this unfortunate young woman who snared the heart of a king and paid a terrible price.
This is my name and I love it but I have found that only Portuguese people can pronounce it correctly so I tend to use the nickname of Nessie.
It's my sister's name. It's a classic that was used already in the Middle Ages. It's very popular in Portugal but still is a classic. Beautiful name.
This is my name, and I love it! Not to sound self-centered, but I think it is one of the prettiest names in Portugal. Too bad it's hard to pronounce it correctly in other languages (even in Brazilian-Portuguese it's pronounced different). But then I have the nicknames 'Ness' and 'Nessie' to make up for it :) Not only they're easier to say, they're also fun and cute!
Portuguese: EE-nézh (né like in cliché, soirée, Renée - NOT "ay")
I love this name! It is pretty and simple but no one can ever seem to say it right in English, pity.

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