Very pretty!
It's beautiful and nice. It's influenced by Vanessa. It could be nicknamed Jessa and Jessie are pretty nice. Please stop loathing this.
When I was little I had a Halloween cat plushie named Janessa :) I wasn't sure if I made it up or not but I guess it's a real name lolll but it's still super pretty.
I prefer Jane or Vanessa. Essie could be a cute nickname, or Janie.
This name is beautiful! I usually like names starting with J, but this one is much more unique and cooler than the other J names.
I think it's a pretty name. Generally speaking, traditional names might sound more sophisticated, but no one really cares if your name is "traditional" or "made up". A name is a name lol.
TikToker Janessa "Nessa" Barrett is a famous bearer of this name.
Very pretty!
I'm really happy with my name! I get lots of compliments on my name. I really don't think it is a made up name at all. I'd never want a common name like Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella etc. I do like those names just not for myself. Who else agrees? I'm just thankful I have the name that I do!
I hate made up names!
I love my name, Janessa, and who cares if it's made up. If you think about it, every name was made up at some point, then it got used. I hate when people hate on made up names. Everything in this world was made up by someone or something.
My name is Janessa and I've realized for me at the age of 12 that my name is passionate and pretty and not a lot of people say this but I like my name and no one is gonna say different.
I'm back and I know these aren't towards me but reading the comments that say sweet things makes me feel even better about myself and trust me, I'm the kinda girl who loves me, and everyone one else I don't care what people think of me because why should I.
And another thing girls it's okay to want another name. Like for a long time I wanted the name Annie, Ava, Olivia etc... but I'm stuck with it so I had to learn to love it. Well, you're not necessarily stuck with it because you can change your name when you're older but it's not the point. Just please learn to love your name, even your last and your middle, all your names. :)...
I like the sound of this name but not the possible impressions it leaves behind.
It's just too obvious that this is a made up name.
How could you think that Janessa is made up? It most definitely DOES NOT sound made up, since it was influenced by Vanessa. Janessa is a beautiful, gorgeous name, but I don't really like the nickname Jan. You could also use Jessie as an alternative, though. Overall, Janessa is a gentle, sweet, and mature girl's name.
I named my daughter Janessa (1990), when people hear her name, they always tell me what a beautiful and unique name it is. I was going to name her Vanessa but my cousin had her girl before my daughter, so she named her Vanessa. I didn't want it to be the same as hers. One day I was watching the news on TV, there was a little girl named Janessa who needed a heart transplant. When I heard her name I also thought it was a beautiful and unique. So I decided to name her Janessa as well.
I think every unique name given to any child is beautiful.
The name Janessa was given to 312 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Janessa are female.
My name is Janessa, I do like my name and I do find it unique even though it is similar to Vanessa it doesn't matter to me. I have no problem with my name and a lot of people say I have a very beautiful name or that it's unique and different. I think it is a cute girl's name and a lot of people say it is a bad name or that it's ugly but I'm only 12 and I do like my name very much and some people don't like my name but I find it special.
My name is Janessa, and I love it! I would like to thank those people who say it is a good name, and I will ignore those people who say it is an awful name.
My name is Janessa and my mother chose it in 1951.
She wanted to call me Janeane but my Aunt gave that name to my cousin a few months before I was born.
Wanting a name starting with Jan, my mother combined the name Janeane and Vanessa.
All my life people have commented on how unusual and pretty my name is.
Janessa is a beautiful and original name. It is terrible that some would comment such rude and tasteless remarks. I find that the only thing trashy on this page is some of the comments. I named my daughter Janessa in 2006 and have no regret. She loves her name, as do I, and she is as unique and beautiful as the name would have you imagine.
This name is really cute and sweet! I personally don't care for the "van" in Vanessa, and Jane strikes me as an old lady name, but 'Janessa' is absolutely adorable! I don't get how "Kaeliey," "Mackehnzee," and "Kinnidee" are popular, yet this name is practically unheard of. To the people saying it's not a name, well, your much revered, worshipped "Vanessa" wasn't originally a name, either, just a species of butterfly, like calling your daughter "Metalmark" or "Swallowtail." If Vanessa can become a name, then the beautiful Janessa can, as well.
Terrible, trashy name!
I wouldn't use this name, but I think it's pretty if you want to be different.
What an absolutely cool name. I love it!
Seriously? Jane or Vanessa don't choose both!
Sounds pretty, but the spelling makes the name so ugly! Please, just stick to Jane and/or Vanessa. Don't combine the two, it's just too strange!
Frankly, this name is an earsore and and eyesore. Is "Jane Vanessa" so boring and drab that some dimwitted, low-class parents have to run them together so that their little daughter will be "unique"? Give these names a rest!
My name is Jenessa and I've always loved it. People are always commenting on how beautiful it is - it's a very elegant and nice name. It has a lot of nickname possibilities too - a few are Jenn, Jess, Jessi, Jenny, Nessa, and, with the name 'Janesa', even 'Jane'. :)
I think it's a nice name and you really don't hear it every day. The only name I've heard that's very close to this name is Vanessa which is a very very pretty name.
Absolutely hideous. Why would anyone bestow this trailer trash name upon a poor little girl?
Funny, I always thought it was a combination of Jane and Vanessa. Anyone else thought that?
It's ugly and too youthful.
Princess Janessa is a princess in "Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses".
Janessa, though modern and very tryndee, is actually quite cute. I couldn't actually see it, though.

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