Two examples are Kasumi Nakasu from PERFECT Dream Project and Kasumi Toyama from Bandori.
SetsuRikoUmi  7/10/2019
Kasumi Takahashi is a Japanese-Australian rhythmic gymnast who lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. She was born to a Japanese father and an Australian mother on 6 May 1980 in Tokyo, Japan.
cutenose  4/11/2017
Kasumi Nakane is a Japanese model, gravure idol, and actress born on 1982-04-03 in Higashiōsaka, Osaka and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her birth name was Kasumi Nakasone, and she formerly worked under the name Kasumi Ue. She graduated from the private Horikoshi High School, the same school attended by talent such as Yoko Minamino, Yōko Oginome, Ai Katō, and Masumi Miyazaki.
cutenose  4/11/2017
This name reminds me of a fish.
555jazzy  10/6/2012
Also the name of the "busty" heroine of the Dead or Alive video game series. Kasumi's an orange-haired female ninja and a bit of a pervy geek's fantasy; but she has a noble, sweet and courageous nature.
JJSkeete  9/7/2011
In the game "Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge" the ghost's name is Kasumi. They say it kah-SUE-may.
Antique_Cherub  12/29/2010
I like this name. To me, it doesn't have that bad of the association with the nasty Pokémon character that Misty has, despite it being her Japanese name.
bananarama  9/8/2009
A famous bearer of this name is a little bratty girl in the show Naruto, who, along with her friends, helped tease a young Sakura Haruno because of her forehead (kids called her "billboard-brow" because she has such a huge forehead). Kasumi and her friends were chased away by an angry Ino Yamanaka (Sakura's best friend).
DarkShizuka  8/5/2006
Kasumi and Kazumi are separate names and pronounced differently with a definite distinction between the s and the z. You don't drop the u in these 2 names (though you can drop the u in the pronunciation of Kazuko so it sounds like Kazko).

Multiple kanji possibilities for this name result in multiple meaning possibilities and you can use 2 kanji or 3, depending on what you choose for the name, as long as you get the syllables in.


-joyous (celebration)

abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
Kasumi is the Japanese name of Misty from the animanga, Pocket Monsters or Pokemon.
xcassieanhx  11/26/2005
I believe it's pronounced "KAS mi" rather than "ka SU mi. The U in the syllable SU is silent.
HarpieSiren  11/7/2005
There is a female character named "Kasumi Tendo" in the famous Anime + Manga, Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi.
Inu-chan  9/8/2005
I have also heard of Kasumi being spelled Kazumi. Personally, I like "Kazumi" better than "Kasumi", although they both mean "mist".
elena_iamthestarligh  8/14/2005

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