My mother was a big film buff, she told me the choice was Deanna or Katina, she chose Katina.

Strangely she always called me Tina, and so did the rest of my family.

If I told anyone my full name, at school, the kids took great delight in calling me silly things and making fun of me, which I found upsetting and embarrassing, so I gave in and accepted Tina, only writing it in full on letters or cards.

I only started using Katina when I was divorced in 1985 and I went to adult college on an I.T. course, where I automatically wrote my name in full on a name card on my desk.
So many people complemented me on having such an unusual and pretty name.

I decided I would use my given name and rebuild my life as me Katina! I have done just that and am proud of all I have accomplished in the past 35 years.

I do find it very frustrating that people persist in giving me an “R” and making me Katrina! I can write it in block Capitals and it still comes back as Katrina!

Most importantly I found in accepting my name I became myself and found strength I had never felt before.
askmey  1/8/2020
My name is Katina, my mother got it from a soap opera when she was pregnant with me. Her name is Tina which seems no one understands Katina when I say it or spell it. You know Tina with a Ka before it. They are so confused and then call me Katrina. Which just drives me crazy. But I love my name, only know of 2 others, who are nothing like my personality. But I like the meaning, and my children want to name their girls after me.
Katina2020  6/29/2019
My name is Katina. My mother got it from the Soap Opera. My middle name is Catherine, after the baby's mother, which is funny because Katina is Greek for Catherine. Go figure. My nicknames are Tina and Kat.
I had a friend in jr. High with the same name, born on the same date and year, same hospital... and our names are from the same soap.
I always hated my name. I wanted to be a Kelly or Amy, etc... I've grown to appreciate my name over the years. I can never find novelty license plates with my name though.
Katina17  12/15/2018
It's my name and we pronounce it as Kah Teena. Granny says she got the name from a soap opera.
Katina A  1/3/2018
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Katina are female.
Also Basque.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
Katina is the name of one of the killer whales at SeaWorld.
Buneary  4/6/2016
This name rocketed into popularity in 1972 in USA due to a fictional soap-opera baby named Katina. She was “born” in early 1972 on the CBS soap "Where the Heart Is" which ran 1969-1973. The names of characters in soap operas have historically influenced baby name rankings a lot. The spelling Catina and the variant Contina also appeared in the US popularity charts at the same time. Katina's popularity went down very fast and by 1982 it was off the top 1000 and has never reappeared. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  7/10/2012
I like it because it's pretty and strong. It sounds way better than Katrina anyway!
kool_babe14  9/16/2009
A famous bearer of this name was Greek actress Katina Paxinou (17 December 1900 - 22 February 1973). Notable film appearances of her's include "Mourning Becomes Electra" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls" as Pilar, for which she was the recipient of an Academy Award.
AndrewJKD  11/8/2008
I was born in 1960 my name is Katina, I have never used this name as I thought of it as add, but all who know me ask why I don't use it as they think it's a really nice name. There is a whale in Orlando called Katina.
chilled60  9/5/2008
A few years ago I heard this name for the first time (the Russian singer Lena Katina). Before, I thought it was a fantasy name. My father called me Katina, because as a child I wasn't able to pronounce Kerstin, my real name. I always liked Katina much more than Kerstin! And now I'm really wondering about so many details on this name!
― Anonymous User  6/14/2008
My big sister's name is KaTina. Tina for short (sometimes). She's a very independent, intelligent person. And I think this is a nice name, that is very different. I think it sounds very 'ethnic' (Greek).
Medea-Ayria  9/24/2007
Just lovely!
― Anonymous User  4/30/2007
I love my name! Katina is so pretty & strong.
toyota_20030  11/8/2006
Cute name!
esma  9/9/2006
I think the name would be interesting to call a girl.
ollie  7/22/2006
There's a Christian music group called "The Katinas." It's not a girl band, however.
breakofday  12/21/2005

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