I named my son Kenan but we pronounce it as Ken-ann. I decided on this name by combining my fathers name Ken and my mum and sister's middle names Ann and put them together and got Kenan, I'm regretting not spelling it with 2 N's now because everyone pronounces it Kee-nan until I correct them otherwise. Everyone always tells me how nice it is and especially why I called my son it.
Kenan & Kel is an American teen comedy sitcom.
In an Australian accent, it is pronounced Key-nen and another variation can include "Khey-nen (halfway between Kay and Kee).
My parents gave me this name during a service in a Polish SDA church flicking through the Bible as the pastor was speaking jazgot to them. It is mentioned roughly 3 times in most Bible translations, in Genesis 5:9-14 and 1 Chronicles 1:2. Different translations have different spellings and could also mention different spellings within the same Bible.
This is also a Turkish name, pronounced Ken-An.
This was the name of Kenan Thomson, an actor on Saturday Night Live.

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