We are thinking of naming our son Kent. For those of you that have this name, did you ever get made fun of for it? Did anyone call you a bad name like c*nt?
Sounds kinda sexy...
Kent State shootings in the early 1970s.
Kent is my son's name - I don't think he ever gets called Ken. We don't come across many other Kents. I am in New Zealand/Aotearoa.
Would also be also good as a short form of Kenneth.
Better as a last name.
Kent Nelson was Doctor Fate.
Kent Ninomiya is the first male Asian American broadcast journalist to be a primary news anchor of a television station in the United States. The Asian American Journalist Association, often referred to as the AAJA, notes that there are numerous Asian American women on the air at American television news stations but very few Asian American men. This disparity is even more pronounced with television news anchors. Kent Ninomiya was the first Asian American man to be a main anchor.
The name Kent was given to 156 boys born in the US in 2015.
My husband's name is Kent. Very manly. My husband is as handsome as his name. :) Yes, people often times call him Ken.
Kent Brockman is Springfield's tv news anchor on the Simpsons.
The name Kent was given to 114 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
This is also my dad's name, and often people think his name is Ken or Kurt (Kurt is also my Uncle's name, even though they've never met him.) Whenever he meets someone out of the country, they are very confused by his name (He gets Ken a lot, but when he says with a "t" then it turns into Ten.) However, the only nickname he's ever gotten have nothing to do with his name, so it's a good name if you don't want any nicknames.
The Duke of Kent from Shakespeare's play King Lear... they just call him Kent. He's an honorable character.
Kent Mansley is the antagonist in "The Iron Giant". He's a Cold War freak working for the government who's trying to reveal the titular robot.
Kent is an awesome name! People should use it more. And hey gal who commented before, I know exactly what you mean about those short names! My favourite guy's name is Curt, which is really sexy too!
Kent has a strong and determined air to it, in my opinion. This is also my father's name.
I've heard far worse, but this name isn't one of those names that strikes me as really cool or gorgeous. Also, the name reminds me of a ghastly Swedish band with this name.
I've also heard this as a short form of Kenneth.
Kent comes from the Celtic language it means; Cudgel or Staff (long pole as a weapon), Strong right arm (of chieftian or tribe) or bough (main branch of a tree). The Kent was holder of the staff in Celtic meetings. He gave the staff to another person who wanted to address the meeting, as the only people allowed to talk during the meeting was the holder of the staff and the kent.
I don't know why, but when I hear this name, I melt! I think this name is so handsome! And so sexy! If I could pick my husband's name, it would be Kent! This name is so masculine! AHHHHH! This name ROCKS! My imaginary guy, (the guy I want to marry!) his name is Kent! Gosh, how can this name be SOOO short, but it sooo sexy!? AHHHH!
Kent is a very linear name. It shows honor and strength. This name rather portrays an ideal knight, a person who is strong to moral and principles. Kent is a very edgy name. Very angular and hard.
Kent is a reknowned knight of Caelin, a land of the game Fire Emblem by Nintendo. He is the, rather, better disciplined of the two cavarliers of Caelin that the player gets to use. He is a famous character of a famous game.
I think that Kent is a very strong masculine name. It sounds knightly. Of course, this may be due to the fact that Kent is the name of a knight in a video game (I can't recall the name). I have recently developed a very strong liking for this name!
I have been told that it means "Bright White" rather than just 'a county in England'.
Kent is known as the Garden of England. It was a beautiful place till they put up all the electricity pylons and built tower blocks all over the place.
Kent is the name of a Swedish rock group. They have released two of their albums in both Swedish and English.
Kent Cigarettes are a cigarette brand, first to introduce smoke filters in 1952.
Clark Kent is Superman's alter ego.

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