This name is special to me. It is a nickname for one of my friends... Lauren.
The nickname all started when there was someone called Noreen in our class and people started saying “Your mean Noreen!”
One day Lauren and I broke friends so I started saying to Lauren “You're mean Laureen”, 3 days after, we became friends again but she still has this nickname, we now call her Midge more and she likes it.
It sounds like a good twin name for Maureen.
My name is often misspelled or confused with the name Doreen. But I'm very proud of it because it gives me a sense of pride.
I think it's pretty. It looks like you combined Maureen and Laura though. Even then, I prefer it to Lauren, which you heard so often.
I think the name Lauren because it is tough and pretty. However it is overused. I like the spelling Lauryn better. I know so many Laurens that when I think of this name I can think of a sweet little girl or a bullying, spoiled brat.
The ending makes it sound like one of these old-fashioned, ditzy country girl names.
This is my name. Nobody EVER gets it right. It either gets mistaken for Lauren or Maureen all the time, and I'm forever correcting people.
Hmm, it's different, I suppose. I've had a few people misspell my name (Lauren) like this.

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