Doña Marcela Mariño Agoncillo was Filipina renowned as the principal seamstress of the first and official flag of the Philippines, gaining her the title of "The Mother of the Philippine Flag".
It looks like they made the EASIEST way to make a feminine form of the name MARCEL simply by adding the "a" at the END. While I STILL think this pretty, it looks TOO basic.
I like this name and I think it's a shame that my country's trophy wife of a First Lady has this name. Hopefully fellow Brazilians won't think of her when they hear this name.
Pronounced Mar-CHE-lah in Romanian. [noted -ed]
Though rarely, this name is used in Croatia too.
Marcela Divićová is a fictional character from the show "Comeback" (2008). She is played by Dana Batulková.
Famous bearers:
Marcela Holanová, pop singer
Marcela Augustová, moderator
Marcela Březinová, pop singer
Marcela Václavíková, painter and pedagogue
Marcela Novotná, moderator of Český rozhlas Pardubice
Marcela Košanová, witch
Marcela Sobotková, moderator
Marcela Borecká-Levinská, painter
Marcela Skřivánková, moderator
I was given the name Marcela, and I know only one other person with my name. Her name, though, is spelled Marcella, and I have a friend named Marcel. I guess I like it, but I like unusual or Irish names. Many people always tell me I have a beautiful name, and so I suppose a lot of people like it.
Nicknames: Marceline, Marci, Marceletta, Marci, Marlin, Celina.
It is also a common Czech name, not too popular nowadays. Pronounced MAHR-tse-lah.
[noted -ed]
The name is also used in the Italian language.

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