Too long.
I like Maximiliano for a name. I think it's a good strong name with a nice meaning, too. It is long, but I actually really like the length of it. I think it makes it really cool and it's honestly just fun to say! However, I do think Max would make a cute nickname, too. That's one of the reasons I like long names, because they have great nickname potentials, like Jackie (Jacqueline), Eve/Angie (Evangeline), Rosa/Rosie (Rosalinda), Alex (Alexander), Chris (Christopher), Leo (Leonardo), the list goes on.

Overall, I think Maximiliano is a good name.
I don't know? I just think this name is way way over the top. It's just not my thing. :(
This name is extremely long and clunky from my point of view. As others have stated in previous comments, why not just use Max? Since, after all, that is how most people will address this person who carries this particular name.
According to ( Maximiliano ranked 43rd place in Argentina (2009).
Maximiliano Hernández is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Agent Jasper Sitwell in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and FBI Agent Chris Amador in the first season of The Americans.
Maximiliano Caire is an Argentine footballer currently playing for Vélez Sarsfield of the Argentine Primera División. Although mainly a right full back, Caire can play in either position of the field, both as a full back or as a winger.
Maximiliano Teodoro Iglesias Acevedo is a Spanish actor and model. Maxi Iglesias studied at the colegio Cardenal Spínola. He started his career in 2005 in Hospital Central, then in Cuéntame cómo pasó Amar en tiempos revueltos and Toledo, cruce de destinos Los proetegidos and professionally shot to fame thanks to his performance as César Cabano in Física o química.
This name is way too long.
Why is this name in the American top 1000?! It's 6 syllables! People obviously aren't going to call him Maximiliano, so why not name him Max? At least Max doesn't sound so darn pretentious and ridiculous.
A bit complicated, but it's nice anyway. I think this is better than Maximilian. :)

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