I like how this name looks. It is not that bad. Interesting, rare name, maybe will get more common, however, I think Memphis is quite unusual and feels elegant. It fits good for a male, not so much for a female.
DeeDeeRee  2/28/2021
Sounds silly and painfully country.
someone-  9/9/2020
I don't like this name. The only place names I'd ever use are Savannah and Marion. I would use both of them on a girl.
Anders1234  6/15/2020
Ridiculous. And this is even worse on a girl.
nylonpanda  2/24/2020
My name is Memphis and I'm a female. The accuracy of the origin of my name along with ratings as well as popularity is spot on. Love it.
Memphiscira12  2/12/2020
I always thought this would be a good name for a dog. Not so sure about it for a person...
― Anonymous User  1/27/2020

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