Mio Honda is a character from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.
Mio Amakura is one of the main characters of the videogame Fatal Frame (Project Zero) II: Crimson Butterfly.
Mio must be the masculine form of Mia. I would still use this for a boy.
Could also be a nickname for Emilio. My name is Emilio but I go by Mio.
My nickname is Mio. I personally think that this name is a unisex name.
Mio Tomonaga is a Japanese idol singer, a member of the idol girl groups HKT48 and AKB48. In HKT48, she is in Team KIV, and in AKB48 in Team.
I know a boy and a girl named this.
This name is also Swedish in origin, originating from the children's novel "Mio, My Son" (Mio min Mio) by Astrid Lindgren. In Sweden this is a male name.
Male, Scandinavian name, Swedish and Finnish at least

In Finland popular because of children's book Mio min Mio (Swedish)(Astird Lindgren), Mio my Mio (English), Mio poikani Mio (Finnish).
I think it's a little plain-sounding.
Mio is also the name of a character from the anime K-ON!
In Sweden it's a masculine name.
One of Astrid Lindgren's, a famous Swedish childrens book author, very well-known books is called "Mio, my Mio" in which the main character Bosse comes into another world where he finds out he is a prince called Mio.

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