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Gender Masculine
Usage Tatar
Scripts Мөхәммәт(Tatar)

Meaning & History

Tatar variant of MOHAMMAD. This form is also usually transcribed Mohammad.
Other Languages & CulturesMahomet, Mahometus, Mihammad, Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad, Muhammed(Arabic) Mohamed(Arabic (Egyptian)) Mohamed(Arabic (Maghrebi)) Muhammad, Magomed, Magomet, Muhamad(Avar) Məhəmməd, Mahammad(Azerbaijani) Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad(Bengali) Mehmed, Muhamed(Bosnian) Mokhmad, Magomed, Magomet(Chechen) Mamadou, Muhammadu(Fula) Muhammadu(Hausa) Muhammad, Muhamad(Indonesian) Mukhamed, Mukhammed(Kazakh) Muhammad, Muhamad(Malay) Mamadou(Manding) Mehmed(Ottoman Turkish) Mohammad, Muhammad(Pashto) Mohammad(Persian) Mohammad, Muhammad(Punjabi) Mamadou(Serer) Muhammad(Tajik) Mehmet, Muhammed, Muhammet(Turkish) Mohammad, Muhammad(Urdu) Muhemmet(Uyghur) Mamadou(Wolof)
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