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It's such a lovely meaning. I love it. ❤❤.
It's beautiful sounding, in my opinion.
The meaning is cool. "Moon day". Really nice. But most people hate Mondays so that's not great.
People can name their kids whatever they want. I always think of this name as one of the kids in the children's book Heckedy Peg.
I like Monday for a name. Although Mondays are typically challenging (thanks to school/work), there can definitely still be good things that happen on Mondays. I think it would be really sweet to name a child Monday as an encouragement/reminder that good things can come out of rough times. I also just really like the way it sounds, I think it's really pretty. I think it's feminine yet not too “frilly”. In other words, I can see a Monday as a sweet girly-girl with long luscious hair and a bright smile who loves makeup and fashion; however, I can just as easily picture Monday as a hardworking tomboy who enjoys hiking/camping, fixing cars and having a good time with the boys.
Overall, I think Monday is a really nice name.
I like the meaning of it but the poor kid would get teased...
If you're going to name your kid after a day of the week, go with Saturday or Sunday. At least it's a weekend LOL!
I think Monday is such a cute name. I'm on the verge of asking everybody to call me Monday. It has a really laid-back sound to it. I don't get why people can name their kid Summer but not Monday? I hate Summer, but that doesn't make it a weird name right? Go ahead and name your child Emily or Sarah because it's a common name. Maybe be unique for once?
Ridiculous name, and plus, this is my least favorite day of the week. I’d rather name them Saturday or Sunday.
Unacceptable name.
Why would you name your kid after a day of the week?
Monday is already a very hated day of the week, so why give it to a kid? She'll get teased mercilessly, for sure.
I would adore this name if it weren’t for the definition. That can lead to a couple negative moments.
And her sister would be Tuesday.
Daisy would be a good nickname for this or any other day name.
I can only imagine how many times a girl named Monday would turn her head.
Monday is okay as a name! It’s not ugly! It’s 50% tacky! If I was a girl named Monday and someone teased me or said “I hate Mondays” around me, then a pun war would just make the best day of school ever. Also for anyone with the name Monday, your spam account on Instagram would simply be “i_hate_mondays”. So nothing wrong with an adjective or a unique and different name. If someone teases you, just accept the pun. The parents who give their kids these kind of names just want to see edgy puns and roasts, unless they take it too far and the child just gets killed, though it’s unlikely they’ll die. I wouldn’t use it as a name for my kid, but it’s still an anti-terrible name. Also Monday wouldn’t be the worst day of the week if there was a holiday or if school was held until Tuesday or Wednesday. Then you would say you hate Tuesdays. Even so, I don’t hate Monday’s or any day of the week.
My favourite day of the week is actually Monday believe it or not. I just don't like it as a name for a human.
Monday. Monday. "Today is Monday." Why is this a name, and why Monday of all days? Monday is the most hated day of the week.
Why in the world would anyone name his or her kid Monday!
I like Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday as feminine names. It sounds nice and I like moon day as a meaning.
This is also an African American name (as with all the other weekdays). Naming children after the day they were born is common in some African cultures, notably Akan. Early slaves in America continued the day-naming practice with the English equivalents. For this fascinating history, see
I feel sorry for anyone named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. These are days of the week and shouldn't be used as names. A kid called any of the weekdays will be teased and questioned all their life as Monday Lynn said. I don't mean to offend anyone, but weekday names aren't good names. I know someone who is writing a book and one of the characters' first name is Tuesday but they go by their middle name because they're ashamed of their first name... I can see why.
Oh my...Very silly.
Well, hello, everyone!Guess what my name is? That's right... It's Monday. My full name is Monday Lynn. Google it and you will see that I am an actual person. I have a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook profile.Seems that many of you are curious about how the life of someone named Monday would transpire. Some of you hate the name, some of you think the name is ugly, and some of you have been staunch supporters of the name.This has been my name for 42 years, as of today. So I'd like to address many of the comments left by you, the wanderer of name and identity associations. And I'll also leave you with an interesting tidbit about a legal incident with my name as well as an interesting coincidence."Why would anyone want to name your daughter after the day of the week?"
I don't like to get all sappy, but here goes... My mom told me she named me Monday because she wanted to name me something different and unique. She thought I was so special that she wanted people to remember me. They do, and they confess as much.I still don't know why it had to be a day of the week, but out of the seven days, she chose Monday for the following reasons: There was already an actress by the name of Tuesday Weld, there was Wednesday from the Adams Family, Thursday didn't sound right, There was Sergeant Friday from Dragnet and My Guy Friday from Swiss Family Robinson, Saturday was too long, and I had a cousin named Sandy and she thought Sunday sounded too close to that.So that's why anyone would want to name their daughter Monday."What would they call her in public?"
They call me Monday. I call myself Monday. Everyone calls me Monday. (Well, they call me other days, too. I just sometimes don't answer the phone.)When I was a kid, I was, indeed, horribly picked on for my name. So for a few select years in school, I asked the teachers if they would call me by a different name. One year I asked to be called "Chris," short for Christina. Another year, I asked to be called by my middle name, Lynn. I'm sure there were other names, but I don't recall.It always felt weird being called by a different name, so I went back to my real name, where I felt at home - being made fun of, be dam**d.Various comments about songs with the word, Monday...
#1 on the list: Monday, Monday - Mommas and the Pappas
Others: New Moon on Monday, Manic Monday, Come Monday, Long, Long Way from Home (Foreigner - "It was a Monday, a sad, sad Monday. A day like any other day.") The list goes on.Some people start singing Monday, Monday to me immediately upon meeting me. They ask me if I've ever heard the song before. I politely smile in return to help them save face.The whole "I hate Mondays" bit:
I make a joke about this. I say, "Well, every day is Monday for me." It usually gets a good laugh. If it's Monday, we might as well get a laugh on this day since the rest of the day is notorious for sucking.Other little fun occurrences at work and life are serious, non-intentional statements that turn out funny: I'll see you on Monday, Monday; I'll call you on Wednesday, Monday. It's not malicious and everyone gets a good chuckle out of it.When I'm being introduced among a series of people, the poor saps to be introduced after me have to wait on their introductions. The introductions cold stop on me. "Your name is Monday? Really? 'Monday, Monday' - have you ever heard that song before? Were you born on a Monday? What are your brothers' and sisters' names?" Again, I smile politely."Yes, my name is Monday. Every day - ahahaha!" "Yes - that is a great song." "No, I was born on Tuesday - go figure." (Anti-climatically...) My brother's name is Josh."Other tidbits:
Kids in school used to make fun of my name, as I may have mentioned. And I got some pretty interesting comments. Here are some charms: "Hey, Monday - Come over Saturday and we'll have a sundae."
"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday." — Yes, kids would actually recite the days of the week to me. So I contributed to the education of children everywhere. Needless to say, as part of my very early educational years, I had no problem learning the correct order of the days of the week.Now for some other interesting tidbits:
Coincidentally - I was born in July. I am a Cancer whose ruling "planet" is the Moon. The name Monday was derived from the Moon's name. I also actually happen to have a "thing" for the moon (and sun and stars) the same way people have a "thing" for antiques or a "thing" for beanie babies or a "thing" for collecting coins.And the last bit that I promised... I had a legal name change. One would think that if I were going to get a name change, that it would be for changing my first name of Monday. Not so.I had terrible life experiences with the men in my life. Fathers, husbands, and boyfriends. I decided that I no longer wanted to carry any man's last name. So in 2011, I had my name legally changed to only my first name and middle name: Monday Lynn. I am no longer Monday Lynn Futch, Monday Lynn Tillman, Monday Lynn Neuendorf, or Monday Lynn Hunter. I am just Monday Lynn.It's weird being called "Ms. Lynn" by service-industry personnel, but I still am glad about my choice. On paper, my last name is Lynn, but in my head, I just don't have a last name.So, that, boys and girls, is the story of a girl/woman whose name is Monday.And I wish you, sincerely, a life full of "Happy Mondays!"
Nicknames are easy, are you kidding? Daisy!
I feel bad for anyone named this. Everyone hates Mondays!
Wow, so many negative comments. People need to calm down. I personally love it (for some reason, I love day & month names although I'd wind up giving my children something else).Monday's child is fair of face, anyone?
Yes, this was a real name. It was used in England during the Medieval era. It was not unusual for Christian families to name children after the day they were born if that day meant something in Christianity... be it Christmas, Easter, or even Monday. Mondays are the day after Sunday, so it's kinda special.
Just because a name is on this site doesn't mean it's a name typically given to people! I have to admit I think this would be a cute name for a cat or a dog. I feel bad for the girls way back who were apparently named this because they were born on a Monday. That's just about as unimaginative as it gets on the parents' part.
Personally, I do like the name. I am always curious if girls with this name ever get annoyed by how many times people use the word Monday in regular conversation? Wouldn't that get annoying?
I do think it's a good name though.
Reminds me of Garfield the cat saying "I hate Mondays." Doesn't sound like a name.
Of all the days Monday is the worst sounding! Heck, Sunday sounds a lot better.
I don't like this name cause it's a day of the week for the love of pete. But I kinda like this name cause it's very nostlagic.
Monday is a bad name choice because many people 'hate Mondays'? Really? Many people hate Winter too, what with crops dying out, death and starvation, and it still works as a feminine name.
Monday has interesting roots as a word and seems less pretentious and desperate to be hip/quirky than the names Tuesday or Wednesday.
The name Monday sounds a little pretty. If you want to name your child after a day of the week, choose another day. Many people describe Monday as the worst day of the week.
Weekday names are just so cool. They might seem shallow or misplaced, but they actually have very interesting roots. What's with all the negative comments about Monday here? Just because Garfield hates it doesn't mean you need to take out your aggression on this name.
What the heck! If this is an official name, you might as well name your kid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! And give them a month or season name as the middle name such as Monday Winter or Sommer Monday. Seriously, you've got to be joking about this name!
A more popular variant is Mondai, which is pronounced the same but is a little friendlier to the bearer.
I can't think of any nicknames for this. Monie? Mony? Money? Definitely not.
The word sounds very bizarre as a name. Somehow Tuesday and Wednesday sound more natural for that purpose. Many people hate Mondays, and that should be a good reason to go for another name, even if the girl was born on a Monday. I was born on a Monday, and it doesn't bear any significance to my life, and I do think Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often worse, at least for me, but Monday is the one with the crappy reputation. It doesn't sound that pretty anyway.
I think that of all the days of the week to name somebody, Monday sounds the best. It sounds the most like a "real name" to me for some reason (I'll never be able to say why, though), and not everybody has bad Mondays. (Mondays are usually very good days for me, so I don't have the "bad Monday" assosciation.)
A band called The Bangles did a song called "Manic Monday". It's basically about all the things that can and do go wrong on a Monday.
Out of all the days of the week to name a child, this is the suckiest because most people hate Mondays having to get up and work and everything. I prefer Tuesday.
Monday's the crappiest day of the week! The kid will be hated 100x more had her name been Friday or Saturday.
-day names are so ugly.
I prefer month related names to be honest. Monday is nice I suppose, but it is a bit odd. I once knew a girl called Tuesday, I don't know why but it just seems that little bit nicer than Monday.
Monday has been one of my fave names. I would use it for a daugther, I also love Thursday, and Sunday.
I think it's cute.
I like this name. It's quirky and a little eccentric, but at the same time pretty and elegant.
A character named Monday is mentioned in Lemony Snicket's The End. However, this person never actually appears in the book.
I really love this name! It is a little offbeat, but elegant. It brings to mind someone thoughtful, but quirky in a good way.
I don't think anybody should name their child Monday. What would they call her in public?
I guess a child with this name would have to hear: "I don't like Mondays" all her life, and knowing that the song is about a girl shooting people to death "just" because she didn't like Mondays makes it even worse.
I actually think that Monday is a pretty word/name. Perhaps because I am partial to the Moon and Monday is ruled by the Moon.
I read Mister Monday by Garth Nix but I had no idea Monday was an actual name.
Monday's a terrible name. Why would you want to name your daughter after the single worst day of the week?
Why would anyone name a poor kid Monday?

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