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I am named Morana. It is different from Morena and thus pronounced differently.
Morana is an old Slavic name. In Slavic mythology Morana was the goddess of winter and death. She is the daughter of the god Perun and sister of Jarilo whom she met not knowing he's her brother. Until Jarilo messed up and started cheating with some forest nymph, she was kind, loving, beautiful blah blah. After he messed up, she turned into hm... evil woman, chopped him, made a house out of his body parts. Dramatic, ain't it?! But the whole love drama is not the point. She is the winter goddess and in the winter time, most of the nature "sleeps" a.k.a. is "dead" in a way.
I love my name but... I have a natural tendency to anything mystical, mythology, spiritual. Although I dye my hair blond and mostly have a big smile on my face, I keep few skulls in my room. I think they look beautiful and if witches were real, I'd be casting spells and not earning money by video editing hahah.
It's not like a goth, vampire or being different thing. Just NOMEN IS OMEN.
MoranaBing  10/20/2019
I prefer the pronunciation more-anah.
eveglob  8/4/2019
It looks so pretty but the meaming is terrible.
kayisforkeen  10/3/2018
If you pronounce it like More-Annah you avoid Moron jokes. Anyways, this name is stunning and I would love to see it used.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2018
I personally love this name and the death connection makes it unique, but sadly people will be idiots and decide to focus on the fact that it sounds like "moronic".
― Anonymous User  5/7/2017
The name doesn't mean death in any Slavic language... it is however in relationship with the proto Indo-European word mar, mor, which means death. It is also connected to mor-the Latin for death and Russian for pestilence. One of the Roman god of war Mars' names was Marmor. Nightmare is also a word that has some connection with this deity (Croatian-noćne more).
TheSnowQueen  2/14/2016
It's a very beautiful and elegant name, in spite of its meaning. But I don't think it has a bad meaning after all. I'm from Brazil and we also have names like this, which were used to protect and/or to bring good luck to the child. It's common in many cultures. Like 'Socorro', for example.
Philidel  12/9/2013
I am not sure about the spelling... its too much like "moron" which is unfortunate.
blueeyesparkle  4/8/2013
This name hasn't always been used ambivalently but it has been used as a way to protect the child from death by giving it the name like this so that death will overlook the child or act as a fright for evil spirits - hence it is a way to overcome death. Many Slavic names have been used as good luck charms but many people don't realise, even those of Slavic heritage.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2010
Also I forgot to mention that the name in pre-Christian era, a name of a god or goddess was given as a way to pay respects to and honour the god or goddess who will act as a protector/guardian, in this case Morana, and thus this name is used in order for Morana to be lenient towards the child and thus spare the child from death. This name was thus used as a way for a child to escape death with the explanations as to how to do so mentioned here and in the post above.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2010
It's quite stunning! The meaning is hardly a reason to dislike the name, because death can be viewed in a positive light in some cultures. I doubt many people apart from Slavs would know the meaning of this name anyway, so who cares?

I'm not a goth, but 'vampire' sounding names appeal to me, I would never use them, but appreciate them, I think Morana would be a great name for a character.
blue_belle  8/16/2010
Morana is a common name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Sofia  1/15/2010
This name is gorgeous. Pronounced maw-RAH-nah.
Dragon_Clarinet  9/27/2009
This name is so great. Sometimes Morena mawr-EN-ah is also used. Pronounced MAWR-ah-nah.
enchy  9/1/2009
Why would someone name their child Death? It seems more than a little depressing.
Celetari  8/5/2009
I think Morana is a really beautiful name. It's up to a person if he wants to interpret it negatively, such as "Moron" or just simply "Death". To me, it seems like a very elegant and wonderful name.
Lethargia  4/9/2009
I think it's a beautiful name. Winter's also my favorite season, and death isn't ALWAYS a negative thing. If somebody has lived a long, full, happy life, and are ready to go, then they can be at peace. :) Plus, it's kind of like starting anew. ^_^
VampireTears  1/21/2009
Pronounced "maw-rah-nah".
Emilie007  9/12/2008
I love this name--it's beautiful, like the names of most goddesses.
Emmasj  2/6/2008
I love the name, it's my middle name and it fits me well. =)
She wasn't always the goddess of winter and death, she turned that way after the death of her husband.
reddragon225  12/6/2006
Morana, Slavic mythology, was goddess of nature and death. But without her husband, Morana turns into a frustrated old hag, a terrible and dangerous goddess of death, frost and upcoming winter, and eventually dies by the end of the year. At the beginning of the next year, both she and Jarilo are born again, and the entire myth starts anew.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2006
I really don't like this name and the meaning of it is awful.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2006
What a great name! Has "death" as a meaning and it sounds like moron! Cheers.
claraelizabethann  9/1/2006
It's also an Italian surname. Reminds me of "moron". Scary meaning anyway.
arrowhead909  8/14/2006
Nice name, but the meaning has made me think that this name would be better of for a Goth.
bschoer10  4/7/2006
Morana or Morena was the goddess of death and great peril in Slavic mythology.
morana  1/5/2006
It's beautiful.
x_lolita_x  12/16/2005

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