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Usages: Greenlandic, Danish

Pronunciation: NAY-ah

Meaning: Means "little sister (to a boy)" in Greenlandic. (This word bears the same meaning in most Inuit dialects, while in Yupik it also means "unmarried girl, virgin".) In Greenland it has several popular derivatives including Najannguaq ("dear Naja"), Najaaraq ("little Naja") and Najattaaq ("new younger sister"). As a Danish name it was popularized by a character in the poet B. S. Ingemann's novel 'Kunnuk and Naja or The Greenlanders' (1842), and since the 1980s has become especially popular.

(Information from name #37 originally submitted by user Dragonfly)
Frollein Gladys  6/13/2019

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