I’d just use Nora.
IPA (international phonetic alphabet) pronunciation: [ˈno.ɾin]
English approximation: [NOH-reen]

Some technical linguistics info: Note that the "r" is a tap, so it sounds like the Japanese "r" like in the name Sakura, not like the English "r" like in "run." The "o" is not a diphthong like in English, so basically it's like half an English "o." I *think* the "n" is slender (palatalized with a palatal offglide) so if you want to get really correct with your pronunciation palatalize it. Fluent Irish speakers are welcome to correct me if I'm wrong =)

If you don't want to get that technical, English speakers can just say [NOH-reen] where "noh" sounds like the word "know" and "reen" rhymes with the word "seen."
There was a person in the British version of the tv show Big Brother in 2009 called Noirin. She was a very attractive woman and managed to get nearly all of the men in the house obsessed with her - but she had a very confusing obscure personality and was quite self centred.
The name is pronounced NAW-reen.

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