Hello! My name is Ophir. It is a city in the bible full of gold. I think it's so beautiful! The page says it's masculine but I'm a girl, and only know other girls with this name. (by the way, its pronounced oh-feer) [noted -ed]
This is actually a really nice name. I also like the feminine version, but there isn't a comment section for that name yet. Ophira.
Ophir is the name of a city full of gold and other natural treasures that appeared in the bible.
Feminine: Ophira masculine Ophir. Biblical Place name: Which was infamous for its abundance of luxurious materials and textiles, especially gold, sandalwood and precious gem stones. Location unknown but considered to be either India, Africa, or Arabia.
Derivatives of Ophira: Ofeera, Ofira, Ophia, Ophina.
All depicting wealth, precious rock, stone, expensive, luxurious, sought after materials.
Pronounced oh-FEER.
This name is commonly used on girls in Israel, not only on boys. [noted -ed]
'Ophir' in Hebrew means 'gold'.
The meaning of this name is "gold".

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