Looks nice but when you say it a few times over it starts sounding like 'a weener' lol.
It's very cute. I like it for girls, and I like Owen for boys.
I don't like Owen or Owena. Yuck.
I picture a shy quiet girl with this name. Owena sounds very reserved and not outspoken. I do feel that the stress on the syllable sounds awkward anywhere and thus this name sounds kind of awkward.
Seems cute.
This name sounds tacky, stripper, ugly and it will be a good name for an idiot.
I think Owen is a nice-sounding name, but this name looks hideous!
This is my middle name so I'm a bit biased to liking it, especially since it has a strange flow with my first and last names. Slightly sad how it's not used so much; as far as I know I'm the only one in my class with this name at all.

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