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Usages: Croatian (Rare)
Pronunciation: PAH-vahl
Meaning: Earlier Croatian form of Pavao, before the l-sound started to change into a vowel (o) by way of L-vocalization. Rare nowadays.

L-vocalization started to occur in Croatian sometime during the 14th century, but was never consistent in personal names such as Pavao/Paval, as opposed to general nouns (e.g. eagle: or(e)l => orao). Thus, even today Pavao is not the only (non-diminutive) form of the name used in Croatia: Pavle and Pavel both retain their L-sounds and are still widely used as more localized, dialectal variants (of Shtokavian and Kajkavian dialects, respectively). Paval itself is actually the rarest. That being said, all these variants are only different in their nominative case, in the remaining six cases of Croatian they are inflected the same way: (nom) Pavao/Pavle/Pavel/Paval, (gen) Pavla, (d) Pavlu, (a) Pavla, (l) Pavlu, (v) Pavle, (i) Pavlom.

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Sofia  11/17/2019

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