So, no one is going to mention pop culture icon Clash Of Clans? P.E.K.K.A is a troop in that game. That said, I'm not sure if I would name a kid this due to this connotation. However, we do have people named Zelda, so I guess this name is fine.
Usages: Kven

Meaning: Kven variant of Peder.
About the Kven People and the language:

(Information from name #319175 originally submitted by user The Nocturnal Animal)
Pekka Rinne, goaltender of the Nashville Predators.
Finnish Mass Murderer, Pekka Eric Auvinen.
I think that the name is a fusion of two cultures. PEKKO was the spirit god of agriculture, especially barley. He made barley to grow, that is why he was considered to be the spirit god of beer in ancient eastern Finland. When Christianity landed in Finland circa 1000 ad. The Greek name PETROS (St. Peter) and PEKKO united into PEKKA. Apostole Peter is called PIETARI in Finnish.
A famous bearer is Hannu-Pekka "HP" Parviainen from Finnish stunt group, The Dudesons.
Do you honestly believe any child given this name will escape teasing? It's not a stretch to think of what they will call him or her. A male body part comes to mind.
For heaven's sake, it's a FINNISH name! Lift your Americocentric eyes away from the glasses that show USA as the only country that counts and English as the only acceptable language! I might giggle at names that sound fun in my mother tongue, but I don't judge them as "horrible" or "impossible" or "names that would be mean to give a child", because that would only be true if the child lived in my home country. Most people on earth don't know a single word of English and do NOT live in America.
Why do you assume that the previous poster's are American? Don't you think it's a rash generalization to imply that every ignorant comment made by an English speaker is American?
Yes, but in this case the person commenting IS American. I would find it just as irritating if the person commenting was, let's say, Greek. Or Chinese. Or Nigerian. Or Swedish.
I think Pekka is more like a feminine name, because it ends in a.

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